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All Things Work Together
Author : Hollie A. Ladnier
Category :
ISBN : 0-942407-4
Price : $ 15.95
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At the age of thirteen, Kimber Matthews stood with her father staring to the hot blazing flames that had engulfed their home and stolen away their loved ones. After that traveled town to town, living in one boarding house after another. Four years have passed since that awful tragedy. It is now June of 1869. Will Mr. Matthews ever stop blaming God for his loss? What path will Kimber choose for her life....and is it the same path that God has in store for her? Who is this man lying in the hospital bed with such familiar eyes?

Step in to Kimber's heart and laugh with her, cry with her, and find out with her what it means that, All Things do Work Together for Good to them that Love God.

A Note From The Author:
There are three things that especially touched my heart while working on this book that I would very much like to share with you.
The first thing that took place after I began this book was that a very special uncle of mine died. His name was James Clark. Kimber’s father was named after Uncle James. This character will always hold a special place in my heart, as will Uncle James.
The second thing that took place is that two weeks after I changed Kimber from having no disability to being partially deaf, I met a girl named Deedee who is partially deaf. She was a big inspiration to me.
The third thing happened when this book was in its editing stage. We adopted a baby who was already named Zack. Zack, in the book, is a very busy and much loved little boy and-I must say-so is ours.
Hollie A. Ladnier
About the Author
Hollie Ladnier lives nestled in the woods of South Alabama with her husband, four sons, and daughter. They attend church in Mississippi and cherish their Christian fellowship. Their outside activities consist of working with horses and fishing. With these five wonderful children, Charlie and Hollie never have a dull moment.
Reviewer: sunshine "sunshine" (Smoky Mountains of TN)
This was one of the best books I've ever read. Not only did the Author tell the story but she painted a picture for you. It was as if you were there in the book yourself. I hope this isn't the lost we see of this Author. And I'm sure it can't be the last of this book because it left you hanging and hunger for more. You didn't want it to end. I look forward to seeing the next book come out.

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