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A Bare Minimum

Herein I have gone to great lengths to make sure everyone absolutely understands my desire to take this program into every community across America.

However, what we must prevent from happening is someone who has been assigned an exclusive territory not performing to an acceptable level. Should this happen, we will have wasted precious time that we cannot recapture. Therefore, we have established a bare minimum number of sponsors to be enrolled by each Representative in order for them to retain their exclusive arrangement within the territory assigned.

This bare minimum is only one case of books per week. By meeting this minimum you retain your exclusive territory for as long as the minimum is met. Should you fall below the minimum, after a two week audition period, we will notify you that you are in jeopardy of losing your territory and that it may be assigned to a new Representative.

Your success will bring a tremendous service to the youth, teenagers and young adults of your community and with this success you will benefit financially. Best of all, you can be very successful by dedicating only a couple of hours per day. This program has been fine tuned, well designed and a very positive approach towards making a difference and we will be extremely successful because of dedicated people who join us in making a difference.

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