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Our Bell Sheep Advantage

It has been said, ?In the Holy Land they put a bell on one sheep and when it moves all the rest of the flock moves with him?.

     In essence, we are following this age-old tradition as we move our program into every community in America. Our ?Bell Sheep? are those who posses leadership abilities and unquestioned character, people who truly believe in our program, those who are sincere in making a difference in the life of our most precious assets, our young people.

     Our program is entitled ?A Message from RONNIE? and is taken from the pages of my fourth book, RONNIE. We are joining hands with dynamic individuals to rapidly expand our effort into every community, nationwide. Our primary objective is, and shall forever be, to make a difference in the life of youth, teenagers and young adults concerning underage drinking and alcohol abuse.

This is our reason, our only motive.

     Throughout RONNIE you will find fabulous comments and/or endorsements from ICONS of their profession. I gladly compare this book to any book relative to the quality and quantity of endorsements. You will truly enjoy reading what others have to say about RONNIE. These endorsers have already made a major impact on thousands of our readers and their words will continue ringing true to help us spread our story to hundreds of thousands of students and citizens in communities of every state.

     The need for this program is NOW. Each day delayed, is a day that we lose the opportunity to make a positive influence in the life of many. Due to the ever expanding necessity to educate young people about the pains and sufferings caused by alcohol, our program will not end, but continue indefinitely.
      I am most certainly convinced when a program is a win, win, win situation for all concerned it should be pursued with haste, ours is this type, including a fourth intent. First and foremost, we are making a difference in the lives of young people; second, we offer a sound financial opportunity to assist college students with their education, third, through our success we are awarding scholarships to those in need, and fourth, we guarantee that every person who actively participates in this program will forever be reminded of the satisfaction received from their actions of reaching out and touching the life of many young people.
     We will rapidly expand our program and increase our success as we associate with individuals who have a positive attitude, those who share our interest and the intent of our objective. I trust that you will approve of our goal and accept our challenge to become an exclusive representative.

     As a Representative, you will become extremely successful and earn significant part-time income rather quickly, however, your true success will be measured by the positive impression and influence that you bring to young people and your success will comfort thousands throughout their entire life!

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