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Everything Begins With You

To accept our challenge of applying for a part-time Representative position all that is necessary is to take the following steps:

1. Go to our Downloads and complete the Employment Application - please answer all items.

2. E-mail this form to Kakwil@hotmail.com

3. Should you not have computer access then you can mail the application to the address below, however, this process will take much longer to complete.

Post Office Box 9728 Pensacola, FL., 32513

NOTE ? Please understand: By completing the Employment Application Form this does not guarantee that you are automatically accepted as a Representative. We will review your application and make a determination based on your qualifications and the availability of the territory, i.e., the community, which you have requested. Since this program is young there is a very good possibility the community you requested will be available, however, you need to promptly make application because from all indications these positions are going to fill rather quickly.

After reviewing your application, and provided you are accepted, we will notify you to send your check for one copy of RONNIE. Your cost is $26.90 which includes S&H. Please send your check (or money order) to the address below made payable to BADM BOOKS. Please do not send cash money.

If you prefer to hasten the process, then feel free to send your check today for a copy of RONNIE the day you e-mail your application. Since you are submitting an application as a Representative you have already decided that you favor and support our program so a copy is a must for your personal library.

Checks are made payable to BADM BOOKS
And mailed to P. O. Box 9728
Pensacola, Florida 32513

With these steps completed you are on your way to earning very good Royalties but more important, you are going to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of many young people.

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