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Our Fabulous Endorsements
Kind words of Encouragement

     I am extremely proud of our many endorsements. With the publication of each new edition of RONNIE we use alternate comments by those who have lent their words for our success.

     You will be honorably delighted to call to the attention of your potential sponsors the words of these ICONS.

     There is not another book in print that has earned the quality endorsements as has that RONNIE. The support we?ve received from U. S. Presidents and other highly influential individuals who understand the problem associated with the atrocious dilemma of alcohol abuse will astonish you. Scattered throughout RONNIE you will find extraordinary comments from presidents, governors, senators, congressmen, ministers, educators, school associations, coaches and many others.

     However, the most impressive endorsement I?ve received is from a student after a school assembly in Marianna, Florida. The gym was packed. The principal scheduled me to speak on Friday, the day before Spring Break, for obvious reasons. A young student came up after the assembly and said, ?Mr. Williams, I was going drinking this weekend with my friends to celebrate Spring Break but I?m not going to go now?. I congratulated her on her decision then asked how old she was. She said, ?14?. This was a middle school student, an 8th grader. We truly have a lot of work to do!

     For me personally, from the moment that young girl spoke those words I was assured that I had written a book, developed a program, gave a speech and successfully touched one of the students that I was destined to make a difference in their life. I knew for certain this was the first of many young people that our program was going to reach. At that moment, in the middle of the gym floor, I was assured there would be no turning back! So, as we continue to play a positive role and have a sober, encouraging influence in the life of young people, we are expanding our outreach in search of countless thousands of more young people just like this young girl.

     While the young eighth grader was the first, now I need your assistance so we together can move forward and spread this ultra important message to thousands upon thousands of other young men and women across your community, your state and around this magnificent country.

Endorsements and/or Comments

When talking with a potential sponsor be sure to make known our endorsements that have been posted throughout the book. All are extraordinary! The following are those published in the current edition of RONNIE.


Governor Jeb Bush, Florida
Congressman Tom Osborne, Former Coach, Nebraska
Foreword by Bobby Bowden ? Coach, Florida State


Chapter 1 No space available
Chapter 2 Coach Bill Snyder, Kansas State
Chapter 3 Coach Tyrone Willingham, University of Notre Dame
Chapter 4 Coach Tommy Bowden, Clemson University
Chapter 5 No space available
Chapter 6 Tom Gallagher ? Florida Chief Financial Officer
Chapter 7 No space available
Chapter 8 Charlie Crist, Florida Attorney General
Chapter 9 Coach Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech
Chapter 10 Lee Corso, ESPN Sports
Chapter 11 Senator Trent Lott, MS U.S. Senator
Chapter 12 Coach Tommy Tuberville, Auburn University
Chapter 13 David Stewart, WV State Superintendent of Schools
Chapter 14 Butch Davis, Coach
Chapter 15 Eighth grade student, Marianna, FL
Chapter 16 Governor Mike Foster, Louisiana
Chapter 17 No space available
Chapter 18 Dr. Janice Petersen, Governors Office, NC
Chapter 19 Coach Phillip Fulmer, U of Tennessee
Chapter 20 LaVell Edwards, Former Coach, BYU.
Chapter 21 President Bill Clinton
Chapter 22 Football student/athlete ? Tate HS, Cantonment, FL
Chapter 23 J. Dennis Hastert, Speaker U. S. House
Chapter 24 Governor Bob Riley, Alabama
Chapter 25 Coach Mark Richt, University of Georgia
Chapter 26 Governor Roy Barnes, Georgia


President Gerald R. Ford
Coach Lou Holtz
Coach Randy Walker, Northwestern University

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