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Getting it done

     We are taking RONNIE?S story into every community and we obviously need help at the local level because we simply can?t do it alone.
    To meet our objective, I developed this marketing strategy so that we may associate with one person (aka/our Representative) in each community. These individuals will be granted exclusive rights for their territory. Now that I?ve said that, in major cities such as Atlanta, etc., the mire size of these areas dictate that it will be necessary to have more than a single Representative.
    This format creates extremely good part-time jobs for our Representatives; therefore, we will select the most qualified person in each community. For this very special program we will sanction only sincere individuals who have outgoing personalities, unblemished character, honest people who enjoy meeting and talking with others, those who seek to excel in life but more important, people who absolutely believe in our goal, purpose and objective.
     Among those we offer positions include these distinct groups:

(a) Parents who are concerned about underage drinking and alcohol abuse among students, those who are eager to make a difference in their community.

(b) College students who would represent us throughout the community where they attend college. Students who have strong records of community service in their home town and are dedicated to personal academic excellence. Students who have completed their freshman class and have chosen for their personal life-style a path that correlates with the intent and purpose of our program.

(c) Retirees who are active and eager to use their knowledge and experience in making a difference in accordance with the tenants of our program.

(d) Military Retired Officers who will put into action their many years of dedication and experience in leading the charge to make a difference.

(e) School Mentors and/or PTA members who have already made a difference in the life of many young people.

     We are only interested in sincere individuals who appreciate and recognize that our program concerns itself with a deadly serious matter. Without question, we could place an ad in any community newspaper and by morning have a hundred or more people applying for these positions simply for the financial benefit. This is not what we are looking for, this is not our objective.

     For those who are selected as Representatives we can assist in developing their job skills to match our needs, but we cannot infuse in them motivation, character or people-skills. These traits have to come from within. If you know that you can measure up then by all means please apply at once as we are now filling positions with those we are assured can truly make a difference.

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