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The Author?s personal comment to you

Bill Williams
Author of ?RONNIE?
Presents Our


Thanks for visiting our website and thanks for your interest in our

I personally designed this program and trust that you will find herein an agenda that you will strongly support
by becoming actively involved.

Please accept the following
as my personal message to you.

Our only goal is to make known to every youth, teenager and young adult in America
?RONNIE?S? tragic story
in an effort
to keep them from falling into the miserable, pathetic pit
of alcohol abuse that stole his life.

I wrote ?RONNIE? because
the demon that claimed his life
can also claim, then devastate the life of every gullible young person.
It matters not if you are rich or poor, good or bad, man or woman, boy or girl, black or white,
republican, democrat or independent.
That monster will imprison the life,
or at least destroy the spirit, of anyone, impartially,
without concern for their personal status in life
simply because
it?s dominating and over-powering grasp
shows no favoritism,
there are no exemptions or exceptions.

Bill Williams

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