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A Taste of Georgia: Another Serving
Author : Newnan Jr Service League
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-942407-26-1
Price : $ 14.95
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A Taste of Georgia: Another Serving, by Newnan Junior Service League, ISBN: 0-942407-26-1, 304 pages, Hard/concealed wire-o, $14.95

A Taste of Georgia: Another Serving is a fresh innovative companion to the first cookbook, A Taste of Georgia. Professionally produced in the tradition of A Taste of Georgia, it too is destined to become a national best-seller.

This volume contains recipes tested and selected using the same discriminating system that produced A Taste of Georgia. Added to this cookbook is an excellent children’s section and easy reference pages for low-fat, microwave and grill recipes.

A Taste of Georgia: Another Serving, is a Southern community cookbook produced by the Junior Service League of Newnan, Georgia. It combines fresh new ideas and Southern traditions in an attractive, colorful volume. You will discover it to be the finest publication of its type.
Reviewer: A reader
It's no surprise to me that this cookbook is still going strong. When I still lived in Newnan,Georgia, it was a popular cookbook and had been around for at least 12 years in different versions. I received a copy of the latest version in 1990. I was a novice cook and needed all the help I could get. This cookbook has been with me for 13 years, several kitchens, and was one of the first I packed to move overseas. This has not only recipes, but also all kinds of conversions, substitutions, and my copy had party manners (LOL) and proper table setting. It even had a listing of Mrs. Alan Jackson as a member for you country Music fans. This cookbook only gets better with age and revisions. Buy this and get recipes from all over the world, not just southern items.

Reviewer- Beth Brown
I already had the original A Taste of Georgia cookbook and love it. So I was delighted when I discovered that the same organization had published Another Serving. This cookbook has it all, grill hints, low fat recipes, children’ section, etc. I especially like the Georgia Caviar on page 40 (so good I know the page number by heart) and the English Toffee recipe in the candy section. Also a favorite is the excepts from old "manners" books...always a good laugh. This cookbook has been a great addition to my kitchen.

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