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Accordion Man: The Legendary Dick Contino
Author : Bob Bove
Category : Other
ISBN : 0-942497-29-6
Price : $ 14.95
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This book details Dick Contino's career from his early teen celebrity, becoming a seasoned entertainer, being discharged from the Army in 1954, until the present day. It examines the highs and lows of his life, from being a great musical entertainer, to being called a "draft dodger" and sent to prison, being drafted and being transferred to a Special Service Entertainment Unit that performed for troops all across Korea.

From the Author:
This book follows Contino’s career from his discharge from the Army in 1954, until the present day. Peopled with a “Who’s Who of Hollywood and the music industry”, the book examines the highs and lows of Contino’s life. From his marriage to the beautiful actress, Leigh Snowden, to his tour of Russia as part of a cultural exchange arranged by the United States Department of State and Ed Sullivan; from his performances at private parties for mobsters, to his appearances at run-down clubs with ten people in the audience; from the depths of despair when, accosted as “a no-good draft dodger”, he sought solace in liquor, to the renaissance of his career at the fabulous ethnic festivals in Milwaukee and Chicago, Dick Contino’s story is one that is filled with perseverance and commitment.

Inspired to write this book to set straight the story of Contino’s life, the author hopes that the work fills the void that, until now, has existed concerning the entertainer’s military career and subsequent life. In the face of tremendous adversity, Contino righted his life with the assistance of a loving family, a devoted friend, and his countless fans. We believe that this book will help you gain a better insight into the life of one of America’s premier entertainers.
Bob Bove
Reviewer:Michael D. Kelly (mkelly01@fiu.edu) (Hollywood, FL) - See all my reviews Dick is hip! This book offers readers the inside scoop on the legendary accordion player, Dick Contino. A must read for MST3K fans. Enjoy!

Reviewer: victorvictor@msn.com (Elk Grove,CA---USA) - See all my reviews I loved it! What an insight to the life of a man that I have idolized and admired my whole life! What a job by the author to put almost 50 years of a remarkable career into such an easy and informative read. My sincerest...Thank you. Victor Mencarini--- Sacramento,CA

Reviewer: I encourage anyone to read this book who is interested in the artist, history, or interesting things about Italian musicians. The book is fast reading, interesting and a book you can relax with. The author did an excellent job of putting this topic and individual in text

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