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Angel Treasures For Your Soul: Poems of Inspiration, Healing and Comfort
Author : Gail Spurlock
Category : Other
ISBN : 0-94207-59-8
Price : $ 13.95
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Gail Spurlock has a Master's and 6th year Specialist Degree in early Childhood Education from Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia. She teaches at the Seminole County Elementary School in Donalsonville, Georgia. Ms. Spurlock lives near Lake Seminole, where she continues her writing ministry. Gail's heartfelt testimony reveals how this inspired work was sent to help us to turn toward our spirituality and to share that lighted path with others. She tells how human angels were sent to guide her through trying and difficult times and how heavenly angels uplifted her to write poems of inspiration, healing and comfort. "For all those who need an Angel's Touch."

Excerpt from Introduction:

In 1998, I began my journey of inspiration, healing and comfort. Angels sent messages to my soul, and this collection of angel poetry was inspired to help turn the world toward spiritual things.
People everywhere seem to be searching for spiritual guidance and direction for their lives. This world has been overcome with stressful situations and painful events. People are hurting everyday.
As we live in this imperfect world, God will help us through our difficult times. His angels are standing by to guide us through our deepest troubles.
Gail Spurlock
Reviewer: Terry Dupriest (Thomasville, Ga)
This is a wonderful book! It makes a great gift and is such a source of comfort. As a librarian for 28 years, I would highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Rene (Donalsonville, Ga)
This is a great book. I have lost four relatives since August and this book has a great poem for every situation that has arose. This book will help anyone who reads it. "Angel Treasures For Your Soul" is great for anyone who is trying to find direction in their life. You did a great job Ms. Gail!!! I am looking forward to a second book by you!

Reviewer: Ashley (Tallahassee, Fl)
This book has helped me so much. It has brought me out of a deep depression. I loved this book so much Im going to buy some for my whole family for Christmas. Thank you Gail!!!!!!!! God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!

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