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Chesi's Story: One Boy's Long Journey from War To Peace
Author : Link S. White
Category : Other
ISBN : 0-942407-31-8
Price : $ 16.95
Pages : 88
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A sensational autobiography of a preteen Korean boy who survived his country being taken over by Communists, the destruction of home and family, his liberation and adoption as company mascot by the Americans who saved him. This story is a testament of the basic human will to survive in war and an overdue tribute to the American servicemen who served in the Korean War.

Chesiís Story details one boyís journey from Korean boyhood, adoption by an American airman into American citizenship and growth into manhood, where he served his new and beloved country as a decorated soldier and officer.
About the Author
Link Suh White, nee Sungwon Suh, was born sometime between the late 1930s and early 1940s in Najin, but grew up in Hamhung, North Korea. He had completed a couple of years of elementary education in North Korea when the Korean war commenced in June of 1950.

At his fatherís insistence, U.S. troops took him to South Korea during their withdrawal from his city. He remained with the G.I.ís who adopted him as company mascot. In 1955, with his parents fate unknown, he was adopted by airman Master Sergeant Albert Truman White, Jr., and his wife, Helen, and was brought to their home in Paramus, New Jersey. He graduated from Paramus High School, and then went on to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he completed a degree in Humanities. He then did graduate level work in play-writing at Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

He served in the U.S. Army both as an enlisted solider and as an officer with overseas tours in South Korea, Germany, Okinawa, and Vietnam. For his service in Vietnam, he received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star medals.

Following his honorable discharge from the service, he did a stint with the government, with an embassy tour in South Korea. After his government service, he worked in multinational business ventures for an aviation firm in California. Currently, he is a commercial real estate agent and resides in northern Virginia with his college-age son, Justin.

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