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ER Cases You Won't Believe
Author : Lou Bolen,MD
Category : Other
ISBN : 0-9728281-0-9
Price : $ 24.95
Pages : 160
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like tp spend a day in the ER? The adrenaline rush caused by a helicopter delivering a hemorrhaging patient. The thrill of bringing a heart attack patient back to life. The sadness of telling a mother that her child is dead. Throughout this book real ER cases are described. You will be with the ER physician as he examines patients and orders tests to determine their diagnoses and treatments. You will experience his dilemmas and emotions as he runs the ER. In addition, he shares bizarre stories behind the patients’ injuries. This book will be of interest to both the lay person as well as the professional since detailed information is provided while using everyday language. You will find stories that are comical, gruesome, devastating, as well as uplifting.
Excerpt from Preface:

     The emergency room is the wildest and craziest part of the hospital. The stream of people to the emergency room is more like a flood. Some patients visit the ER for very standard medical problems while others have bizarre problems. Just when you think you have seen it all, a patient enters who blows your mind. In the book we describe some of the cases that we have encountered.
     Throughout the book, snapshots of the ER are included to give a sense of what it is like to be in the ER. These stories are all real cases that have not been embellished. Some cases will make you laugh, some will make you cringe, while others will make you cry; this is the ER.

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