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Joseph Ciminera's New American Cooking : There are no rules in cooking
Author : Joseph Ciminera
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-942407-79-2
Price : $ 24.95
Pages : 224
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Chef Joseph Ciminera’s book excites the reader to self activity. His easy to follow creative recipes can be easily duplicated and rewardingly enjoyed. Everyone who reads this book will obtain the power to magnify themselves as kitchen masters. The recipes in this book are an example of a wide range of possibilities for what you can do with food. The style of cuisine is New American with a European flair. The recipes in this book have been produced by a chef with a passion and a creative eye for food. A valuable guide to entertaining, Chef Joseph Ciminera’s simple instructions leads you in the preparation of great meals to make you a success with your family and friends.
About the Author
Joseph has a long list of recognition from previous appointments. His time working at numerous fine establishments such as Le Cirque, Les Celebrites, Le Petite Bijou and Carmines all helped to build a strong foundation for his work. His diverse talent has afforded him the opportunity to test his talent in a myriad of ways. One source is his multiple cooking shows; "Joseph plays with food", "Eat at Joe's" "or Taste This T.V.!" Seen nationally. His culinary medallions include, Certified Youngest Chef through the American Culinary Federation as well as having cooked for Presidents, Mayors, James Beard House, the Italian Culinary Federation and a legion of international food shows. Ciminera's training started at the Five Star Diamond Hotel Venesia in Milan Italy, the tutelage under Master Chef Vincenzo Provina. He then went on to work with some of the nations top chefs including Daniel Boulud, Christian Doulevere, Pierre Manor, Mike Depirito and Jean Louis Pallidan
Reviewer: I was at the first book signing that chef Joseph Ciminera did in NYC yesterday. I have made two recipes from the book so far and they are fabulous. Thanks Laura M


“Chef Joe Ciminera is an accomplished professional and knows his way around a kitchen. For someone under the age of 35, Chef Joe continues to impress me with his masterful culinary style and fresh approach to haute cuisine. To date, I have not found any other chef who is as thorough, professional and as real as Chef Joe. Truly, this is amazing for someone without pretense. In this book, I am certain that you will be pleasantly surprised and enlightened with his insightfulness!” - Jason Gordon, president of 3 Alliance Enterprises Inc.

“Joseph Ciminera has been keeping my fingers busy writing columns about his works of art for the past 8 years. Readers and foodies will love this cookbook.” - Michelle Finestra, European Culinary Council

“Chef Joe Ciminera’s refreshing approach to the culinary arts will make you want to count the minutes until the “dinner bell”. His creations are not only pleasing to the eye but -more importantly-pleasing to the palate as well. Move over, Emeril!” - Dave Scheiber, vice president of marketing for Filippo Berio olive oil

“Chef Joseph has....certainly decided to put his mark on the culinary world! Smart, refreshingly honest and to the point, he knows his pantry and enjoys playing in it. Solid, down-to-earth techniques by someone who truly loves his art and wants to share his passion. Add this one to the collection, and remember: ‘There are no rules in cooking.’”- Kim de la Villefromoy, executive vice president for Chef Revival USA Inc

“Joseph Ciminera understands the secret of a great chef is to allow the foods to speak for themselves. He is always subtle in his approach to a dish and original in creating the combinations that make every course a delight. His book is a wonderful read and gives the chef in all of us a chance to improve our talents.” - Yvette Somekh, national food critic and television producer

“Jo Ciminera cooks with intensity, passion and imagination. This book will illustrate this concept and make you cook with confidence, with curiosity and with a desire to please everyone at your table.” - Salvatore Rizzo, event coordinator for the James Beard Foundation and co-inventor of the Spoonless Pasta Bowl

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