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Lean Beach Cruisine: A Collection of Healthy Coastal Recipes
Author : Jewel Cammarano
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-942407-58-X
Price : $ 12.95
Pages : 224
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A Collection of Healthy Coastal Recipes. Lean Beach Cuisine features196 healthy recipes with detailed nutritional analysis for health-conscious people who love great food. This is not a diet book, but a tool to be used in a healthy lifestyle change to food that is naturally wholesome but full-flavored and healthy. The select cuisine includes international, traditional southern, Cajun, Mexican, Oriental, and Italian favorites and is designed to be lean and healthy!

Excerpt from the Introduction:

You have just opened a cookbook that is not like any other. Cuisine at the beach is a celebration for eating. It is summertime, cool breezes and refreshing drinks; it is barbecues and oyster roasts, with aromas of grilled food intermingling with the fresh ocean air; it is crisp veggies and aromatic herbs that have been kissed by a golden sun, fresh fish just caught from the sea. And above all-it is lean! For those who live along our coastal shores or travel to and vacation there, the recipes in this book may tantalize your memory banks with flavors and tastes from the beach; and like a breath of fresh ocean air, bring back to you associations you may have with these special places. If a trip to the shore is a rare event, then you may allow these recipes to capture you and take you on a culinary tour of our capacious coastlines. Coast to coast and shore to shore, you will be amazed that the bright fresh ingredients and full-flavored tastes which characterize these 196 recipes can be healthy and wholesome-and be so delicious too!

Lean Beach Cuisine is not a diet book. If there is one thing the world has enough of, it is diet plans and as we know, for most people diets don’t work. This book is a tool to be used, by which you can cook and eat in a healthy way. It is a style of cooking that uses ingredients that are naturally wholesome and fresh, full-flavored and healthy. The cooking techniques are simple and unpretentious, but will produce gourmet meals. A travelogue of seashore delights, Lean Beach Cuisine is a volume to be treasured by the health conscious cook who loves sunrises and sunsets, no matter what coast they are on.
About the Author
Jewel Cammarano received a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics and Nutritional Science from the University of Connecticut. Before moving to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where she presently resides with her husband, she taught Foods and Nutrition in several states. She has owned and operated two gourmet gift shops for ten years on the Outer Banks. When not inventing recipes in the kitchen, she loves playing golf and gardening. The largest loves of her life are the grandchildren presented to her by her two children

“I love this cookbook! Every page is a delight, from the Chesapeake Blue Crab Dip to the Laguna Beach Strawberry-banana Charlotte. ...The “tips for healthy eating” scattered among the recipes are great, and easy to apply to every day living. This isn’t just a fabulous low-fat cookbook, it’s a guide to eating and living better!” Holly Aimone, Bookstore community events coordinator

Lean Beach Cuisine is an interesting array of recipes for the health conscious cook. ...All the recipes in this book are geared to healthful living, each recipe is written with complete nutrition facts. This book is sure to interest the cook who is concerned about serving healthy meals that are flavorful, tasty and easy to prepare. Betty Douglass, correspondent, The Virginia Pilot

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