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The Herb Cookery: 100 Recipes, 200 Suggestions
Author : Barbara Soggins Frush
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-942407-46-6
Price : $ 9.95
Pages : 96
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Quick, easy recipes with gourmet flavors and presentations for people interested in a more healthy conscious diet. This book is categorized by herb, with recipes for appetizers through desserts. A useful introductory guide to cosmetic, medicinal and gift giving uses is included as well as a chapter on organic herb gardening.

From the Introduction:

During my years of herbal farming I met so many people who wanted to know how to use and grow herbs. I hope this book will be useful in addressing both requests. Herbs are so resourceful, so giving and so universal in their appeal and usage that there are no boundaries for continued knowledge. They enrich everyone’s life by bringing joy and delight through taste, touch, aroma and health. This book attempts to share my knowledge and experience with you and to bring you a glimpse of the bounty we have been given. I hope it will encourage you to learn more about these fascinating and glorious gifts with which we have been so graciously blessed.
About the Author
Barbara Scoggins Frush has been growing herbs commercially for 16 years. She started growing for Dallas, Texas restaurants and up-scale grocery stores in 1985 and grew the business to 30 restaurants and 115 grocery stores by 1991. She was a member of the Texas Organic Growers Association and on the board of the Herb Growers and Marketing Association of Texas. She left Texas and founded another company in Chicago, selling her fresh cut herbs from organic farms to 55 restaurants and 279 grocery stores in the greater Chicago area. Planning to semi-retire, Barbara sold this business and returned to Galvaston, Texas where she opened a Bed and Breakfast in an historical home. There she developed herbal food products for retail and restaurant sale and offered High Tea on Wednesdays and on garden tours throughout the year. After three fulfilling years, she moved to South Miami and has begun another herb business to incorporate her love and knowledge of herbs with her love for cooking and sharing with others.
The Herb Cookery reflects her knowledge gained from many years of experience and sharing with some of the most famous chefs in this country.

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