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The Korean War:"Reflections of a Young Combat Platoon Leader"
Author : Dr Howard Mathias
Category : Other
ISBN : 0-942407-17-2
Price : $ 15.95
Pages : 240
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This illustrated book gives clear reflections upon life of the on-line foot soldier in the trenches and bunkers of the mountains of Korea. Join Lt. Matthias and his platoon on the line as they live through daily patrols, ambushes, sleepless nights, bunkers, trenches, boredom, harassment from above, rats, mosquitoes, casualties and constant trauma. Enjoy some of the incidents related to the life of the on line foot soldier such as "Warm Beer", "R and R", "The Wonderful flood", and "The Rocket".

Excerpt from Inside Flap:

In June, 1952 a young Marine second lieutenant was sent to Korea to serve as a combat platoon leader. Although America had committed several million men, spent enormous sums of money and suffered tremendous casualties, the war reached a stalemate that our political leaders decided could not be won. This war is sometimes referred to as “The Korean Conflict:, which rankles Korean War veterans. America suffered as many casualties in three years of this war as they did in ten years in Viet Nam. North Korea suffered over one million fatalities and China probably lost well over 500,000. This was not conflict; this was a horrible, bloody war.
This book expresses the emotions of sorrow, sadness and bitterness along with a deep sense of pride, joy and personal satisfaction. We hope you will enjoy the book while you gain a better understanding of the futility of this war.
About the Author
Howard Matthias was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois in 1929. Upon graduating from high school in Crete, Illinois, he continued his undergraduate studies at the University of Dubuque and River Falls State College and his graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, attaining MS degree in Physical Education. He attained his Ph.D. in Education at Michigan State University.
In June, 1952 Second Lieutenant Howard Matthias was sent to Korea to serve as a combat platoon leader. Lieutenant Matthias commanded a small unit of Marines for six months until he was seriously wounded. Following his long hospitalization, he finished two years active duty and served in the Reserves for an additional five years. He was discharged with the rank of Captain. Howard received a Silver Star, Purple Heart and other medals of service associated with combat in Korea.
The author became a high school teacher and coach in Wisconsin for fifteen years. Later upon earning his doctorate in 1971 he became the Director of the Highway Safety Center at St. Cloud State University. He is the recipient of several awards during his teaching career including Teacher of the Year, induction into the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame and several honors for his role as Director of the Highway Safety Center at St. Cloud State University.
His teaching has specialized in the area of driver education, transportation and safety. He has been a prolific writer of articles and studies in the area of traffic safety with over twenty-eight published articles.
Dr. Matthias is a member of the Disabled Veterans of America and Korean War Veterans Association.

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