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The Magnolia Collection: Fine Recipes
Author : Gene Westbrook
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-942407-57-1
Price : $ 16.95
Pages : 256
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The Magnolia Collection weaves a tapestry of recipes for gracious entertaining. Original dishes intertwine with bits of art, “old master” recipes, the bare no time to cook essentials, and selected cuisine from other regions - all lightly spiced with the distinct flavors of the South.

Excerpt from Foreword:

There must truly be something to the old expression “Southern Hospitality.” We Southerners are often not even aware that this is a wonderful inborn tradition much admired by visitors from other regions. Almost invariably it leads to some form of entertaining with food. In the pages to follow are recipes for all types of entertaining with the ingredient of “Southern Hospitality” already included.
The often-asked question is “Why did you decide to write a cookbook?” By way of an attempted answer, I must tell you that this collection was accumulated as a fine old tapestry is made, by tiny threads being added through the years. I was first instructed in cooking by my mother’s and grandmother’s marvelous cook. Such patience with my endless questions would have put Job to shame! Then as the years have moved on, friends, friends of friends, visiting strangers, visitors from other countries, and family have been most generous with their specialities. And finally, with even more passage of time, I have added original recipes to this collection. So that in the end, this tapestry of recipes blends the tastes, travels, life-styles, and family histories of many interesting people.

Review: C.G. Talley (Lancaster, CA) I have many recipes over the years and have had mixed results, even if the recipes came from the same collection. However, this cookbook doesn't have a bad recipe in it. I have tried over a dozen recipes and they have all been wonderful! The recipes are easy to follow and the results are delicious. I also enjoy the humor of some recipes such as "Elephant Stew". I recommend it to anyone who enjoys good food with a Southern touch.

R. Hale -This cookbook is pretty comprehensive covering the basic dishes as well as the more gourmet. Flavored with Southern style recipes the Magnolia Collection also features humourous entries such as the Non-Edible Joe's Sponge Cake which you make with a band saw and foam rubber!

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