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The Road Less Graveled: Uncle Handsome’s Redneck Poetry
Author : Brent Holmes
Category : Other
ISBN : 0-942407-34-2
Price : $ 9.95
Pages : 128
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This delightful book features Uncle Handsome, a "redneck" poet, his wife Eunice, Granny, his sons, Big'un and Shooter, Ernestine, the mule, the Game Warden and even Bigfoot. In the foreword by Jerry Clower, Jerry says, "Haaaaaaaw!!! I read Uncle Handsome's redneck poetry to all my Ledbetter friends and they loved all of it. You could have no better review of this book than the Ledbetters. When God turned that talent spout on Brent Holmes, he let it run awhile. This book of poetry proves it".

From the Introduction:
     Uncle Handsome likes to tell people that he lives near U.C.L.A (that’s Upper Central Lower Alabama). That is, in fact, where Uncle Handsome resides with his wife Eunice, his two boys, Big’un and Shooter, and Granny. They live on a gravel road a short ride south of the small town of Glory, Alabama.
     As far back as I can remember Uncle Handsome has written poems and songs and an occasional story or two. Not long ago I shared some of his poems with some friends of mine. They loved them. Word got around and within a matter of months I was being asked to recite Uncle Handsome’s poetry for various clubs and conventions. I was having a great time with it all when one day I heard a voice whisper, “Put the poems in a book...put the poems in a book...”
     I called Uncle Handsome. “Uncle Handsome,” I said, “I think we need to make a book of your poems so more people can enjoy them. I’m driving through South Alabama on Friday. Do you have time to get together and talk about it?” “Why shore I do,” he responded. “And if you’ll meet me at that nice restaurant out by the highway at high noon I’ll buy you lunch!”
     I arrived early and was waiting in front of the restaurant when Uncle Handsome’s tractor pulled into the parking lot. He was waving a handful of poems in the air as he wheeled into a parking space.
     As we visited over a nice long lunch I began reading Uncle Handsome’s latest creations. Soon I was laughing so hard the people around us were beginning to stare. “These are great Uncle Handsome!” I exclaimed. “How do you do it?” “Well,” he said slowly as he stirred his coffee with his knife, “I just watch Eunice, Granny and the boys and write things down as they happen mostly. Sometimes I’m moved to write when I’m watchin’ a mule or tendin’ the still or things like that. It just comes kinda natural really.”
     “Well, people sure do love them,” I responded. “I’ve been having a great time traveling around and reciting them for folks.” A look of deep contentment spread across Uncle Handsome’s face. He leaned forward in his chair and said, “Well I’ll keep writin’ and you keep recitin’!”
     We continued to visit and before I followed Uncle Handsome’s tractor back to his place to visit with Eunice, Granny, Big’un and Shooter, we decided that putting together a book of his poetry was a good idea. That’s how The Road Less Graveled began.
About the Author
Brent Holmes is a singer, a songwriter and a humorist. He lives near Nashville, Tennessee on a pleasant piece of land which he shares with one horse, one cat and two sheep. His humorous songs have been recorded by Ray Stevens, Jerry Clower, Minnie Pearl and Williams & Ree. This is his first book.

Review: Amy M (Juneau, Alaska) This book was given to us as a gift, and has accompanied us on many hunting, fishing, and camping ventures. During times of sharing the great outdoors with our friends and families, we have had many chuckles along with Uncle Handsome and his Redneck Gang. A must buy-- even as far as the Great White North!!!

Reviewer: This book is truly a concise representation of the life of a Redneck. Great poetry. And useful pages at the end of the book. If you ever wondered about the Redneck life, buy this book. Brent is a great storyteller. Also, get his tape called Cow Tunes For Kids.

Reviewer: I work for the Hazard Mitigation Division for the State of Kentucky and personally traveled with the author, Brent, throughout the state. Our job was to help flood disaster victims relocate to safe locations following the 1997 March flood in Kentucky. In those countless hours we spent traveling the highways and by-ways of my home state, Brent's kind and compassionate nature uplifted many flooded victims. I think Brent does not poke fun at anyone but sees the humor in every day life. He also has written and recorded songs for kids, mostly about cows. Well, I guess that's all I have to say for now because I feel a slight warmth on the posterior of my neck.

Reviewer: The comical adventures of Uncle Handsome, Eunice, and the rest of the family written in prose will remind you of people every redneck knows. Uncle Handsome's wit and wisdom will out sly any fox.

Reviewer: This book stands alone in CLEAN Redneck poetry

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