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Uncle Handsomes's Redneck Poetry: The Road Less Graveled, CD
Author : Brent Holmes
Category : CD
ISBN : 0-942407-50-4
Price : $ 14.95
Playing Time : 74 minutes
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Listen to the author recite all 51 poems from the book Uncle Handsome’s Redneck Poetry: The Road Less Graveled. Also included are 21 Redneck Relaxation Tracks.

Uncle Handsomes's Redneck Poetry: The Road Less Graveled, Tape & CD
Frog Giggin’ Granny A Homemade Honeyglazed Ham
Drivin’ With Nothin’ But The Radio On
On Bein’ Inspired By The Tree On The Roof
I Took Her For Granite And It
Turned Her Heart To Stone
They Come From A Far
When Lightnin’ Struck Our Ol’ Outhouse
On Findin’ A New Hounddog
The Resurrection Of A Rabbit
The Backyard Landfill
The Meanest Rooster In The World
Santa And His Little Elvis
On Buyin’ A New Car Phone
Momma’s Whoopy Cushion
Mules, Magnolias & Mockingbirds
Biggun’ And The Bucktoothed Bigfoot
Granny And The Ultralight Chickenhawk
Cudzu At Christmastime
The Bright Orange Hunter
Eatin’ Granny’s Peanuts
To Pat A Houndog On The Head
We Buried Aunt Edna In The Floodplain
Possum Stew
Granny And The Haunted Outhouse
Cold, Cold, Buttermilk
Cars On Blocks
Life In The Country
What Is Time To A Hog?
Fishin’ With The Warden
Elvis Is In Our Outhouse
Flamingos In The Manger Scene
The Fridges Of Madison County
Shooter & The Mule Eggs
Believin’ In Bigfoot
The New Winders
Buford & Momma’s Brazeer
Ever’ Time The Still Gits
Struck By Lightnin’
A Spotlighter’s Nightmare
The Frog In The Nog
On Leavin’ The Christmas Lights Up
A Little Prose ‘Bout Frozen Clothes
On Bein’ A Poet
The Drive Thru Winder
When You’re Tryin’ To Pick
Buckshot Out Of A Bass
Game Warden Knockin’ On My Door
Shootin’ Pink Flamingos
The Wasp On The Wall
The Road Less Graveled

Redneck Relaxation Tracks

Fatback Fryin’ In The Early Morn’
Sun Risin’ O’er The Cars On Blocks Chainsaw Idling In The Pines
Stream Flowin’ By The Outhouse
Barnyard On A Summer Day
Handsome’s Tractor In A Shed
Swayback Mule Chewin’ Corn
Uncle Handsome Trackin’ A Possum
Possum Stew Boilin’ On The Stove
Granny’s Hog On The Front Porch
Faucet Dripping In A Kitchen Sink
Rain Fallin’ On An Ol’ Tin Roof
Cows Grazin’ In The Front Yard
Sounds From Around The Still
Waterfall Where Moonshine’s Hid
Old Commode That Won’t Quit
Rain Leakin’ In Thru The Tin Roof
Gravel Road On A Summer’s Eve
Bowling Alley Just After Sunset
Granny Out Giggin’ Fer Frogs
Handsome Out Spotlightin’ Deer
Truckstop In The Moonlight
About the Author
Brent Holmes is a singer, a songwriter and a humorist. He lives near Nashville, Tennessee on a pleasant piece of land which he shares with one horse, one cat and two sheep. His humorous songs have been recorded by Ray Stevens, Jerry Clower, Minnie Pearl and Williams & Ree.

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