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Bear Tunes for Kids: Live Bears in the Wild! , DVD
Author : Brent Holmes
Category : DVD
ISBN : 681445000291
Price : $ 19.95
Playing Time : 40 minutes
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Featuring the Bear Tunes for Kids soundtrack sung by Bernie the Bear and Brent Holmes. Great video for singing, dancing and learning! For Ages 1-101.

Bear Tunes for Kids is one of the best-selling childrenís CDs in North America. Now you can watch live bears in the wild while listening to your favorite Bear Tunes! In the comfort of your home or vehicle you can watch bears climbing, walking, running, sleeping, eating and playing. And itís all accompanied by the fine vocal talents of Bernie the Bear and Brent Holmes!

1. I See A Bare Foot Bear
2. I Can't Wait to Hibernate
3. My Paw's Bigger Than Your Paw
4. Backpack Tree
5. The Peanut Butter Bears
6. There Ain't No Bugs On Me
7. Bears Have Coats Of Many Colors
8. I've Been Diggin' Out My Bear Den
9. A Bear With A Fiddle In The Middle Of The Woods
10. I'm A Bug Chubby Bear With A Furry Little Tail
11. When you Find A Bear Cub's Teddy Bear
12. Fur
About the Author
Brent Holmes is a singer, a songwriter and a humorist. He lives near Nashville, Tennessee on a pleasant piece of land which he shares with one horse, one cat and two sheep. His humorous songs have been recorded by Ray Stevens, Jerry Clower, Minnie Pearl and Williams & Ree.

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