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Topics From The Holy Quran
Author : A.K.M. Fazley Rabbi
Category : Other
ISBN : 0-942407-78-4
Price : $ 21.95
Pages : 312
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Topics From The Holy Quran is an effort in understanding the Quran. The words and verses of the Quran have literal and primary meanings, wide and deep range of meanings, and then they have a variety of connotations and implications. Here is a nontraditional approach toward understanding the Quran. This book is not a translation of the Quran, but presents selected topics from the Quran. These topics are of keen interest to Muslims and non-Muslims alike and the verses related to each subject are arranged under topics rather than how they are dispersed throughout the Quran.

Excerpt from Inside Flap:

Topics from the Holy Quran contains comments and statements that will undoubtedly excite the reader’s interest. For example on the subject of Creation, the words create and creation, as commonly used and understood today, do not convey the varied and different meanings presented by the different words used in the Quran. The expressions from the Quran differentiate various acts and stages relating to creation, assisting the reader to gain an enhanced understanding of how creation took place.
About the Author
A.K.M. Fazley Rabbi was born on January 3, 1943, in Bangladesh. He completed his undergraduate and master’’s work in English. He also received diplomas in journalism and industrial management. Rabbi was a civil servant for the Bangladesh government, and he was the Economic Counselor at the Bangladesh embassy in Rome, Italy . He also served as an advisor for the United Nations World Food Program in Pakistan, India and North Korea. Rabbi retired in February 2000, and became a permanent resident of the United States in September 2004.

Through the years of world travel, Rabbi had the opportunity to mix and interact with people of diverse cultures and faiths. He was always interested in knowing about "their" faiths and then tried to equate their beliefs with "his" faith. The divinity aspects of the religions especially attracted Rabbi as his questions to and inquiries from others focused on their feelings rather than on the rites and rituals of their religion. Rabbi was often gratified to realize "his" God was also "their" God.

Perhaps Rabbi’’s quest for a closer relationship with God made him more inclined toward knowing God than practicing religious rites. He was more inclined toward the spiritual aspects rather than the physical aspects of religions. He believes that religious divisions and rivalries are mostly related to the rites and rituals. Consequently, Rabbi believes that matter is more important than the form. Thought he is neither an expert nor a cleric, Rabbi’’s background and search for a deeper relationship with God, cultivated his interest in the Holy Quran and the truths expressed herein are his "beliefs" presented to assist the reader. His understanding is not that of a pundit or guru, but Rabbi merely wants to share his understanding in a simple but sincere way to help the reader with their spiritual journey.

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