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What’s On The Other Side of The Rainbow
Author : Carla Masterson
Category : Children, biography
ISBN : 1-59975-228-X
Price : $ 24.95
Pages : 38
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To the Reader from the Author:

As I sat down to write this, my thoughts were of how I could speak to the world, picturing the entire world as being one child. Although our situations may be different, we all feel from the same place, from within our heart and emotions. Therefore, it is important for our children to understand that the feelings and emotions they experience are always meant for constructive reasons, instead of the destructive ones we sometimes feel.
With love and understanding, and with all of us working together, hand in hand, we can create a safe and harmonious place on our beautiful home we call Earth.
            My deepest wish is that someday all violence will end with one great big “HUSH!”

So, here’s to a seed that I know can grow.

“Carla’s light verse encourages readers to apply its simple message to their own feelings and situations.”
Ema Sequoia, Author/Educator
Santa Barbara, California

“ I wish to commend your literary efforts in your book, What’s On the Other Side of the Rainbow? The book is well written and addresses important children’s issues, that of feelings.” In addition to being entertaining for children and educational as a reading too, the book is significant as it allows children to understand their feelings”
Terri Lynn Pomeroy, Mother of two and Mathematics Department Chairperson
Southern Nevada Vocational Technical Center

“Thank you for opening the doorway of your beautiful imagination to create this loving vision from your pure and generous heart. Mr. Positively not just a role model, but a warm, safe friend for the children of the world. Having over 20 years experience in the entertainment business and now launching our new family film studio, we are excited that this book has become a reality and look forward to creating your films from this precious work.”
Joie Albrecht, Producer/Writer/Director
The Creation Factory International, Inc.

“As a college professor, I deal with young people who come from all kinds of family situations. Carla’s wonderful prose explains to young children many concepts related to emotions at a level that is appropriate for that age group. Her enthusiasm in helping children comes through with great intensity in this work.”
Dr. Joy Shetler
Texas A&M University

“In this day and age of declining values, it is more than essential to have positive reading material and positive role models. I’m certain your book will add to the lives of the children who read it.”
Lasca Hix, Executive Director
Mission of the Children School

“I have been a 4th grade teacher for four years at an at-risk school, teaching students who were dealing with their parent’s addiction, alcoholism, molestation, domestic violence, divorce, death, and AIDS. Carla’s book about feelings addresses a real need. I think it is a valuable and much needed teaching resource.
Kelly Green
Las Vegas, Nevada

“It was a privilege to have been able to read What’s On the Other Side of the Rainbow? As an educator I can attest to the need for such a book in our schools, not only at the elementary level but at the secondary level as well. You have created a rich and fertile field for introspection. Particularly valuable is that the book is non-judgmental, but allows the reader to reflect upon what “is” and to make decisions as individual situations come to light. I look forward to utilizing What’s On the Other Side of the Rainbow? within the scope of my duties as a teacher of writing and teacher of teachers.”
Elaine Sherman, Administrative Specialist
Secondary English and Reading
Clark County School District

“Over the years I have had many books presented to me in regards to the betterment of my child; this is one book I am happy to say meets several of my standards. It is apparent that great thought, concern and consideration were taken in producing this book. I hope other readers will enjoy and appreciate it as I have.”
Dr. Reginald K. Profant
Las Vegas, Nevada

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