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Grab A Bag And A Crockpot
Author : Frances Barrineau
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 978-0-942407-82-2
Price : $ 12.95
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Grab A Bag And A Crockpot is a cookbook full of great recipes that begin by placing the recipe’s dry ingredients into a planning bag and are completed later with the addition of the liquid ingredients when ready to prepare. This book makes planning a succulent meal very simple and preparing it as easy as adding the ingredients to a crockpot. This cookbook, plus a crockpot, make a great gift idea for every cook from college students to “empty nesters” as well as the prefect gift for working mothers with pressing time constraints, or even bachelors with very little cooking experience. The recipes are detailed with simple, easy-to-follow directions and many are complete meals all in one pot. Grab A Bag And A Crockpot is the third in Frances’ Grab A Bag Cookbook series, but the first with recipes specifically designed for the crockpot. This great book is a must addition to the libraries of everyone who wants tasty meals without a lot of time to plan or prepare them.
About the Author
Frances Barrineau is a native South Carolinian. She was born, educated, married and had her first daughter in Lancaster, South Carolina. Frances and family left for thirty-five years, then returned to Lancaster with her husband to retire there. She and her husband of almost forty-five years have three daughters and five grandchildren, which includes a set of twins. She says, “I am an American by birth but a Southerner by the grace of God! There is really no other place quite like the South. I love the place of my birth.” Frances’ first cookbook was published in 2000, at the age of sixty-three. Today, she says, “I have completed my second book at the age of sixty-five and my third book five years later, so I say to all, you are never too old to follow your dreams!” Frances loves to create new recipes and unique cooking ideas saying, “these new ideas are really no fun without someone to share them with.” Her cookbooks are her way of sharing recipes, hints and innovations with her many friends and fans.

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