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Sea Tunes for Kids (DVD)
Author : Brent Holmes
Category : DVD
ISBN : 681445000390
Price : $ 19.95
Playing Time : 35 minutes
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Beautiful live Ocean Fish!
Featuring the award winning Sea Tunes for Kids soundtrack sung by Brent Holmes, Wally the Walrus & Billy the Squid!

Great songs for singing, dancing and learning about sea life! For ages 1-101.
1. When You Find a Manatee in Your Bathtub
2. The Walrus Song
3. The Lobster Parade
4. The Horseshoe Crab & the Seahorse
5. Billy the Squid
6. Out on the Coral Reef
7. The Porpoises & the Pirate ship
8. The Hammerhead Shark & the Sawfish
9. The Humpback Whales are Blowing Bubbles
10. Moontides

About the Author
Brent Holmes is one of the best selling children’s recording artists in North America. His award winning CDs include Horse Tunes for Kids, Bear Tunes for Kids, Moose Tunes for Kids, Cow Tunes for Kids, Sea Tunes for Kids, Fun Tunes for Teachers, Silliest Songs, MooseBeary Jam, and Beary Christmoose, Moose Tunes for Kids and Bear Tunes for Kids are also availible on DVD!

Sea Tunes for Kids is one of the best selling children’s DVDs about sea life in North America. Now you can watch ocean animals while listening to your favorite Sea Tunes! In the comfort of your home or vehicle you can watch humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises, sea turtles, manatees and many of your other favorite ocean animals! And it’s all accompanied by the fine vocal talents of Wally the Walrus, Billy the Squid and Brent Holmes!

A very special thanks to Ripley’s Aquarium, Homosassa Springs State Park, the Georgia Aquarium, the Aquarium Restaurant and the Tennessee Aquarium.

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