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Never Enough: The Martha Syndrome
Author : Loyce J Bussey
Category : Inspirational
ISBN : 9780942407860
Price : $ 9.95
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Never Enough: The Martha Syndrome, describes the plight of many Christians who are honored to be asked to serve the Lord in their local churches, but later allow their ministry to supercede other priorities in daily life. Consequently, many become overworked to the point that their service becomes a burden. As this “burden” interferes with their fellowship with God, they find themselves desperately working in their own strength to fulfill the calling that began in the Spirit.
The message and precepts presented in this book will bring spiritual, emotional and physical healing for many well-intentioned Christians who find themselves captured in this condition and yearn to be restored into God's unique plan. Thought-provoking questions for personal reflection and group study are presented to assist in this process.
Discover the true joy God has in store for each Christian as they learn how to receive His empowerment to perfect His plan and purpose for their Christian service.

This book exposes a fundamental misinterpretation of the Christian life that reduces Christianity to a formula instead of the dynamic relationship with God that Jesus came to bring. The author effectively shows that attempts to gain acceptance with God by a life full of activity but devoid of communion does not reflect the life that is filled to overflowing with the peace of God and the life of God. The more a person tries to please God by an outward service that infringes upon time spent with God, the less joy and fulfillment there is in that person's life. God wants us more than he wants our service.
I recommend this book to everyone who is willing to take a personal audit in which he reassesses his goals, evaluates his motives, examines his gifts and limits, and accepts fresh spiritual disciplines.

Jerry Horner, Former Dean
The Schools of Theology at Regent University and Oral Roberts University

Is stress creating negative emotions in you? Have you learned to “stuff” the pain and poison? Are you at the breaking point? Do you feel like the can of Coke that gets shaken up and with the pull of the tab, all of the pressure inside spews out? If so, Loyce Bussey can help you! Her book, Never Enough: The Martha Syndrome, will teach you to release those negative emotions to God. She shows that when you feel burnt out, that you don’t need to hibernate in isolation, but you do need to come to the end of yourself, and learn to trust Jesus’ resurrection power to make the difference. She eloquently explains how His strength is made perfect in your weakness. I heartily recommend this book!

Pastor Teryl W. Todd
Senior Pastor
Evangel Assembly
Tallahassee, FL

I was very pleasantly surprised as I began reading Never enough: The Martha Syndrome. Loyce Bussey has captured the very essence of why we were created and God’s purpose for our existence. This essence and the intent of God’s creation is that He wanted a family to love and to be loved. He never desired to have a group of employees afraid of displeasing their “Boss” and struggling for acceptance. Her comprehensive study and writing on the subject, from many angles and utilizing many pertinent scriptures, make this book a “must read” for all Christians. It is especially anointed for those who are busy in the “work of the Lord” and for those who are chronic worriers. It is also a “must keep” for daily reading. Each chapter is stand-alone and will benefit many of us on a daily basis in the future. This book is going to bless thousands and move them into the “rest of God” where there is joy and fulfillment. I want to be one of those.

Michael E. Floyd
CEO, Altrua Marketing
Author, “Spiritual Business”

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