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Co-Authors : Connie Loux-Murray and Chris Loux-Henning
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 978-0-942407-87-7
Price : $ 25.95
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Ever feel like making some of those favorite family recipes from childhood? Would you like to prepare and host family gatherings that will create fond and lasting memories, but think that you canít do it? Then Twinfare is just the tool you need. This treasure is filled with great recipes and instructions to help you create memorable family gatherings that your family and friends will cherish forever!

Twinfare features a unique selection of tried-and-true cherished recipes passed down from generations of excellent cooks along with the latest popular recipes in the food world today. All are easy, fun and satisfying for folks from every region. This combination will inspire you to serve and entertain with cuisine that fits into your culture and style.

Twinfare is a distinctive book written to honor Pennsylvania Dutch regional traditions and encourage you to establish traditions within your family style today. Twinfare provides you with over 700 delicious recipes, 40 menu ideas, table setting suggestions, and entertainment favors.

You may visit with the twins at Twinfare.com and talk with us in our kitchens and conversation rooms where we will be pleased to assist you in recipe instruction along with menu and party planning ideas as well.
About the Author
Connie and Chris Loux are identical twin sisters born into a loving Pennsylvania Dutch family and grew up in a household where warm hospitality and good food was provided to all that entered their home. Twinfare is a loving tribute to these many family gatherings.

As a team, Chris and Connie combine vast experience in the business side of Fortune 500 corporations as well as the culinary world.

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