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Coconut Oil For Life
Author : DJ Ley
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 978-0-942407-97-6
Price : $ 17.95
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COCONUT OIL FOR LIFE: Discover How Coconut Oil Can Boost Metabolism, Stimulate Thyroid function, Improve Cholesterol, Help Curb Sugar Cravings and Aid in Weight Loss. Includes a 7 Day Detox Plan, by DJ Ley.


The American diet is full of over-processed “foods” rich with refined sugars and void of nourishing vitamins and nutrients. DJ Ley’s introspective journey fully paints the picture of the destructive lifestyle of an over-prescribed and undernourished loved one and the negative effects of one person’s deteriorating health on the entire family’s relationships and dynamics. Yet, by pro-actively taking health matters into their own hands, DJ and her husband triumphantly rise above the downward spiral of disease. The result is more than a repaired marriage and family. She shares a magnificent cookbook brimming with quick, simple, and delicious recipes based on the often under-estimated coconut. I will get this book into the hands of my loved ones and patients.

Dr. Dolly A. Garnecki
Chiropractic Physician/Director of Spinal Health & Wellness,
Charlottesville, Virginia
Founder & Editor, Traveling with Baby Blog


As a busy mother of three and a natural foods chef, DJ Ley has made it her mission to guide others to the skill and art of preparing pro-healthy, real-food meals that even kids enjoy. Her passion for healthy cooking and personal experience in overcoming health maladies through diet, has led her to research the miraculous properties of coconut oil and its ability to help with many of the most common major health issues plaguing Americans today.

After years of research and experimentation DJ has developed classic family recipes that can help any good cook to effortlessly introduce coconut oil into the American diet. Learn how and why to switch to coconut oil for all your cooking needs and learn some basic techniques to make your favorite recipes “Coconut Oil Friendly.”

About the book: Coconut Oil for Life: Over 250 Classic Recipes Reworked with Coconut Oil, by DJ Ley, is a condensed primer to introduce her readers to the miraculous health benefits of cooking with coconut oil. Discover how coconut oil can boost metabolism, stimulate thyroid function, lower LDL cholesterol while raising HDL cholesterol levels, help curb sugar cravings and aid your weight loss efforts.

Through years of research, Ley found the answers to an over-prescribed and undernourished loved one with deteriorating health. By using the recipes and techniques in this book, DJ began preparing meals which stopped the downward spiral of her husband disease, gave him new vitality and repaired their marriage.

Ley has developed luscious recipes presented in easily understood categories such as Main Meals, Vegetarian Dishes, Seafood, Chicken and Red Meat entrees, Dessert categories such as Cakes, Cookies and Guilt-Free Coconut Creations, Salad creations with Dressings, Dips, Spreads and Sauces, Breakfast Foods and Luncheon categories such as Pizza, a wide variety of Sandwiches, Soups and Salads, all presented with easy-to-follow instructions designed for the beginner as well as the experienced cook alike. To complete the selections, the book even has a section of Healthy Tidbits, Smoothies and Coconut Snacks to satisfy the cravings for those tempted to snack between meals. Finally, Ley supplies a proven Seven Day Diet Detox.

This title is a must for those health conscious cooks who wish to serve nutritional, yet tasty meals for your family and friends while benefiting from the unique properties of coconut oil.

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