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Company’s Coming
Author : Sarah Senkbeil
Category : Other
ISBN : 9781935802051
Price : $ 29.95
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Sarah Senkbeil reflects on her life experiences while growing up on the family farm in rural South Georgia. As she takes you down Memory Lane, experience a renaissance of the spirit she shared with a loving family who endured some of toughest, yet richest times in American History. Even if you grew up in a big city, this nucleus of mutually nourishing people will resonate within your heart and give an insight to the “good times” back when life wasn’t so fast paced and complicated as it is today.

This fascinating story gives a heart-warming cameo of what Sarah cherished about rural American life, with the high point of those special times when “Company’s Coming.” Sarah presents true-life characters and everyday events which tell stories flavored with her insight and shadows of time as their lives flow out of her nostalgic recollections from her childhood. The experiences and characters influence helped shape her life.


As the author of “Company’s Coming,” I have so many people who have encouraged me to keep on writing. They insist they want copies of this as I have been writing about times they remember. They can relate to them.

Myra Stephens loaned me a tobacco stick to be able to measure and describe.

I had typed my book on a typewrite and was told that it had to be on computer or else it would not be publishable. I had used whatever typewriter was available at the time, so it was done on several different typewriters.

Never having used a computer before, I went to the library. The workers there were so gracious to me and helped me so much; Vickie Young and Kathy Vanadoe especially. When calling on someone to help me, they were there. I hand -typed several thousand words on the computer and then hit the wrong key and erased it all. I had to start again. Then my husband became ill and passed away.

I met a young man, Joshua Cooper, at the library and asked him to copy the work from my typewriting on his home computer. But, he soon became too busy and returned the material.

A neighbor purchased a newer computer and asked me if would like to have her old one for free. Gee! Gosh! I was afraid of the thing - too old to learn new tricks.

All of my close neighbors were willing to help; Bob Colby, Lon Eason, Ben Cravey, Mary Garnto, my grandson Seth Senkbeil, and anyone I came in contact with. I ahd no instruction manual so I checked books out of the library and became even more confused. Finally it was passable and I showed it to my printer Randy Landers, at Fast Copy. He did a great job of formatting it for me.

Then it was time to find someone to do illustrations of the things I talked about in my book. Lance Coalson of Father & Son Publishing, introduced me to his niece Jessica Coalson, who became my illustrator. Jessica is a student at Da5rton college in Albany, Georgia. She drew all the things I asked her to, and even helped put them into the book.

So many people have helped me. Look and see.
About the Author
I was born in Worth County, Georgia in 1928. I was number three of four children: girl, boy, girl, boy. We always lived in the community where I was born. We were taught to do whatever was needed to help our family survive with the resources available to us.

This story tells about these years in a way I hope you can relate and remember if you are about my age.

At this point in my life, I am the only survivor of my immediate family. There are two wives of my brothers’ still living, as well as nieces and nephew of my three siblings. I am a widow now. My husband died in 2009.

My husband and I had wanted children for so long. After many miscarriages, several doctors told us that we could not have children. We then proceeded to travel the road of adoption. This was not an easy road to travel. Just when we were about to give up, a beautiful seven-month-old baby boy became available to us. We were happy and so was he. The next year, we gave birth to our beautiful miracle child. He was an eight pound, five and a half ounce boy. A miracle! Two years later, we adopted our precious little girl. Nine years later, we were able to adopt our adorable third son. Oh, those happy years! Gone, but not forgotten.

My wonderful family is still growing. I have thirteen grandchildren, four step-grandchildren, six great grandchildren, and one step-great grandchild.

Memories are what we older generation have to keep us happy and busy.

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