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Meanwhile, Back At The North Pole
Author : C.W. "Buddy" Kalb
Category : Children, biography
ISBN : 9781935802242
Price : $ 15.95
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“It was the night before the night before Christmas....” and the Holley children are on a secret mission to answer the question of children everywhere, Is there a Santa Claus? Tonight, while Mom, Pop, and Granny are asleep, David and Caroline will conduct a live, on location test of David’s invention, the high tech P. E. M. Wizard Device, so it will be ready for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, back at the North Pole, Santa’s elves are about to embark on their own secret mission to prepare the way for Santa’s trouble-free delivery of presents to every boy and girl on Christmas Eve.

The fun begins when elf #1223 sets off the P. E. M. Device and is captured by David, who locks him in the carrier belonging to the family’s French Bulldog. This unexpected turn of events threatens Santa’s Christmas Eve journey and presents the Holley children with a dilemma.

What will David and Caroline do with the captured elf? Will someone from the North Pole come to rescue #1223? Will Santa’s elves outwit the children so he can make his Christmas Eve toy delivery? This delightful story has some surprises for the reader.

Meanwhile, Back at the North Pole, an imaginative tale created by Nashville songwriter and author Cyrus “Buddy” Kalb with grandchildren, Michael and Emily Hulet, will become a holiday read-aloud tradition for your family. This engaging story will amuse and entertain both young and young at heart this Christmas.
About the Author
C.W. "Buddy" Kalb is an American songwriter with over 150 of his songs recorded by various artists on major labels. Among these recordings are numerous songs for his friend Ray Stevens including the Comedy Award winning "Mississippi Squirrel Revival." In addition to writing songs he has written for and produced music videos and stage shows. Meanwhile, Back At The North Pole is his first published book, co-written with his grandchildren, Michael and Emily Hulet, while they are still in Middle and Elementary school respectively.

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