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The Jesus I Know
Author : R.C. Balfour III
Category : Inspirational
ISBN : 9781935802280
Price : $ 15.95
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In this remarkable book, written entirely in the first person, the author tells how twelve New Testament characters met Jesus. Each one describes the unusual change which then took place, emotional, spiritual, or life changing. The story telling talent of the author shines through when he relates the early lives of many of these characters, narratives not found in the Holy Bible or in any historical manuscripts. Balfour brings the book to a close by making his own highly personal testimony in the Epilogue.

Only God could bring forth the highly complex human race. Only God would give intelligence, free will and independence to that race. Only his Son, Jesus Christ, could redeem it.

I have always been curious about the early lives of the disciples and followers of Jesus. Also, I have wondered about their first meeting with Jesus and how they were drawn out of their previous lives into abandoning all to follow him. In this book, I address these subjects in describing the emotional, mental and spiritual conflicts which must have gone on in each of the characters I write about. Wealth, self-gratification, family, vocation, heritage and tradition often stood in the way to redemption. I also try to describe the changes taking place in each life as that big decision is made.

It is sometimes hard to imagine that they were ordinary people like you and like me—that is before Jesus came on the scene. However, particularly in those Jesus chose, the Master could see deep into their souls and discern what was in the heart of each one.

I have used excerpts from the NRSV translation of the Holy Bible in the body of the story. These are not specifically cited. However, when a passage stands alone, such as a parable or teaching of Jesus or an Old Testament passage is quoted, the citation is present.

I have also taken the liberty of ending with a description of my own experience with the Master. In many ways this part of the book was the hardest to write. I hope my own testimony is truthfully and accurately told.

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