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Remembering Me: A Life Told Through Poetry
Author : Tina Cammarano
Category : Inspirational
ISBN : 978-1-935802-37-2
Price : $ 19.95
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This book is more than a collection of poetry. It is a compilation of personal life stories written through expressive rhymes, which takes you along on a journey of contemplation, self-discovery and acceptance. Each page is filled with heartfelt honesty dealing with the effects of childhood sexual abuse, family dysfunction, addiction, and the struggle with religious beliefs. It then escorts you through the beauty of what it has meant to be a wife and mother, and how these roles laid the foundation for tranquility that led to the awareness of Spirit.

This book is a personal testament of how one unassuming housewife discovered the miraculous power of self-love, and what it took for her to find it. It began with her sitting beneath a soft blue sky in the Florida Keys. She stared out towards the water where a little mangrove tree seemed to be struggling to reach the light. As she sat there in silence a feeling of serenity came over her, and as the moments passed by, she began to remember herself.

About the Author

Tina Cammarano grew up in the hills of West Virginia until she turned 22. She made her way to the garden state of New Jersey where she met and married her husband of 25 years. She is the mother of one grown daughter and although it may be a cliché statement to make, they are her life. She and her family moved to sunny Florida in 2001 to escape the relentless long winters. She presently resides in central Florida where she founded ‘Tina’s Crossing’ a safe house for victims of the sexual slave trade. It currently serves as a place for women looking for a place for reflection and spiritual growth.

Tina holds a Master’s degree in survival. She has accumulated a collection of wisdom in regards to all variations of trauma from years of childhood sexual abuse, extreme family dysfunction, addiction and other self -sabotage.

Poetry has been a passion of Tina’s since she was a young child, but as the result of her turbulent life her writing had to take a back seat. She began writing poetry again in 2012 and continues to inspire her family and friends with her words. It is her hope to uplift others with similar traumas through her poetry, inspiring them to begin the process of self-love.

She shares some of her writings on philosophy, spirituality, comedic dialogue, and fictional stories on her blog entitled ‘soulbuilding’.


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