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YOU will make a Difference
By involvingYOUR Community

Because our program does make a tremendous difference in the life of our young people, it?s a program that every business and professional person in your community will support if you will explain to them in detail our goal and purpose.

How much of your time will be required? I developed the program so that you can set your own work schedule and decide just how many sponsors that you would like to enlist. Based on my own personal experience you can just about count on acquiring a sponsor for each dedicated hour of work. We have the product and the sponsors are certainly willing, provided the program is presented to them in a clear and concise fashion.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you are committed to being successful, both you and the program will be. It maters not what number of sponsors you set for yourself, you will accomplish that goal and more, and by so doing, you will also play a major role in the life style of countless numbers of young people.

You are not permitted to sell over the phone, by e-mail or internet. You have to meet ONE-ON-ONE with each potential sponsor. Obviously, you can call to make an appointment; however, the great majority of sponsors that I have enlisted came from cold-turkey calling and asking for a few minutes of the owners (or presidents) time. And as noted, my success rate has been between ninety and ninety-five percent.

You need to sit down face to face and detail the program in its entirety. You have to take your copy of RONNIE so he/she can see exactly what you are talking about. The book is an awesome prop and your prospect will most certainly know those who have chosen to lend their words as endorsements. Since you are working to accomplish such a magnificent motive, coupled with being a full time student or a parent who sincerely cares about young people, this gives you an open door access.

I promise you, those you meet with will understand what our goal and purpose is all about and will gladly get involved, remember they have children and grandchildren also! They are fully aware of the dilemma that our young people face every day of their life. They have seen and read about the horrors of binge drinking and other wretched situations that control the daily life of countless numbers of our young.

For absolute certain, you will want to ask every sponsor that you enroll to pick up the phone and call two or three friends and ask them to give you a few minutes of their time. This is the very best means of making in-roads quickly and this format must be pursued without exception!

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