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I Had to Make a Difference

     Several years had passed since Ronnie?s sad and lonely death but with the dawn of every day I became more obsessed with the cause and circumstances of his demise, but even more so, about how to use his demise as a positive factor in preventing others from falling into the same pathetic, miserable trap that took his life.

     As difficult as I knew it would be, I had to write his story because I knew just how miserable he was and I knew about the daily firestorms that besieged this former football star. I watched him deteriorate from a fine tuned athlete into someone who literally gave up on life, lost all self-worth, self-esteem, self-control, his family, his identify and then his tormented life to ALCOHOL, the demon that ultimately consumed him.

     Although I had completed the manuscript of RONNIE, I knew the task would not be finished until I developed a program that would give me the opportunity to take his true story to every young person in America through the book and/or in person. Often times I have a tendency to direct my message toward student-athletes simply because they are frequently looked up to, emulated so to speak, by many students. However, make no mistake about it, this message is meant for every youth, every teenager, every young adult as well as their parents and grandparents.

     Ronnie?s story is of a person who forfeited his life to ALCOHOL that began with casual, social drinking in high school. After all the glory days of college football were no more, the curse left him an empty shell of a man who was convinced there remained no real purpose for his life.

     In my humble opinion, I have written a book that will be of interest to a vast audience, as noted by our many endorsers. I guarantee that it will touch your deepest emotions. I am convinced that we can change the life style of thousands of our young people, but to do this I need the support of many.

     Personally, I have no choice but to spread this message to every corner of America. It is my intent to make Ronnie?s story and our program a national movement in scope, but again, I truly need the help of all interested parties for this to become a reality.

     Let me put it to you this way: If through this book and/or our live presentation, we can play a significant role in the life of just one young person and be the incentive and inspiration that prevents him or her from falling into the same wretched quagmire as did RONNIE, then it will be something that every person in your community will never, ever forget.

     It is most important that everyone understands my desire is to be exceptionally effective with each facet of this program. When someone has lived with a story as I have Ronnie?s, it?s difficult for me to even consider the remotest possibility of not presenting our case effectively. Yet, I am acutely aware that I must convey my insight, feelings and opinions to our young people, their parents, grandparents and friends in a manner whereby they will grasp the full impact of ?A Message from Ronnie?.

     As we establish our presence around the country I want to bring our live presentation to as many communities as possible and by the time we leave, I can assure you that everyone will know we?ve been there. I will spend as much time as my schedule permits, meeting with all media that wants to learn about our goal and purpose and be available to visit with talk radio personnel, newspapers and television news and/or sports shows that offer an invitation.

     While visiting your community I would like to address a civic club and speak at a church and/or a school. My goal is to make sure that everyone in your area knows of the plight that ultimately claimed Ronnie?s life!

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