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The Author?s personal comment to you

Bill Williams
Author of ?RONNIE?
Presents Our


Thanks for visiting our website and thanks for your interest in our

I personally designed this program and trust that you will find herein an agenda that you will strongly support
by becoming actively involved.

Please accept the following
as my personal message to you.

Our only goal is to make known to every youth, teenager and young adult in America
?RONNIE?S? tragic story
in an effort
to keep them from falling into the miserable, pathetic pit
of alcohol abuse that stole his life.

I wrote ?RONNIE? because
the demon that claimed his life
can also claim, then devastate the life of every gullible young person.
It matters not if you are rich or poor, good or bad, man or woman, boy or girl, black or white,
republican, democrat or independent.
That monster will imprison the life,
or at least destroy the spirit, of anyone, impartially,
without concern for their personal status in life
simply because
it?s dominating and over-powering grasp
shows no favoritism,
there are no exemptions or exceptions.

Bill Williams

Getting it done

     We are taking RONNIE?S story into every community and we obviously need help at the local level because we simply can?t do it alone.
    To meet our objective, I developed this marketing strategy so that we may associate with one person (aka/our Representative) in each community. These individuals will be granted exclusive rights for their territory. Now that I?ve said that, in major cities such as Atlanta, etc., the mire size of these areas dictate that it will be necessary to have more than a single Representative.
    This format creates extremely good part-time jobs for our Representatives; therefore, we will select the most qualified person in each community. For this very special program we will sanction only sincere individuals who have outgoing personalities, unblemished character, honest people who enjoy meeting and talking with others, those who seek to excel in life but more important, people who absolutely believe in our goal, purpose and objective.
     Among those we offer positions include these distinct groups:

(a) Parents who are concerned about underage drinking and alcohol abuse among students, those who are eager to make a difference in their community.

(b) College students who would represent us throughout the community where they attend college. Students who have strong records of community service in their home town and are dedicated to personal academic excellence. Students who have completed their freshman class and have chosen for their personal life-style a path that correlates with the intent and purpose of our program.

(c) Retirees who are active and eager to use their knowledge and experience in making a difference in accordance with the tenants of our program.

(d) Military Retired Officers who will put into action their many years of dedication and experience in leading the charge to make a difference.

(e) School Mentors and/or PTA members who have already made a difference in the life of many young people.

     We are only interested in sincere individuals who appreciate and recognize that our program concerns itself with a deadly serious matter. Without question, we could place an ad in any community newspaper and by morning have a hundred or more people applying for these positions simply for the financial benefit. This is not what we are looking for, this is not our objective.

     For those who are selected as Representatives we can assist in developing their job skills to match our needs, but we cannot infuse in them motivation, character or people-skills. These traits have to come from within. If you know that you can measure up then by all means please apply at once as we are now filling positions with those we are assured can truly make a difference.

These are as close to perfect part-time positions
as you will find.

     Each Representative is an independent contractor.

     Your royalty commission is $168 per each case.

     Our marketing projections indicates that, based on my personal sales success, it takes no more than a single hour to travel, meet with and detail our program to a prospective sponsor.

     If you dedicate an average of only two hours per day, over a five day week, and reach a success ratio of only fifty percent, your annual royalty earnings should be around $44,000.

     Given this same scenario, college students, assuming a thirty-nine week school year, would average about $33,000. I believe you?ll agree this isn?t bad income for a full time college student!

     There is no cost to be granted an exclusive right to a territory but you do have to meet the requirements as herein.

     You will need your own transportation.

     Perhaps you may be able to get by without computer access; however, I believe the entire program will work more smoothly for those who can communicate effectively via the internet and e-mail.

     Although you do not have to purchase inventory, you will need to purchase ONE copy of RONNIE so that you can read and completely understand his story and then use it as a magnificent prop to detail our program to potential sponsors. This sample copy is your best sales tool and provides for you a perfect sales technique. The cost per copy is $26.90 which includes shipping and handling. We will mail your copy upon receiving your check made payable to BADM BOOKS and mailed to the address listed herein.

Our Bell Sheep Advantage

It has been said, ?In the Holy Land they put a bell on one sheep and when it moves all the rest of the flock moves with him?.

     In essence, we are following this age-old tradition as we move our program into every community in America. Our ?Bell Sheep? are those who posses leadership abilities and unquestioned character, people who truly believe in our program, those who are sincere in making a difference in the life of our most precious assets, our young people.

     Our program is entitled ?A Message from RONNIE? and is taken from the pages of my fourth book, RONNIE. We are joining hands with dynamic individuals to rapidly expand our effort into every community, nationwide. Our primary objective is, and shall forever be, to make a difference in the life of youth, teenagers and young adults concerning underage drinking and alcohol abuse.

This is our reason, our only motive.

     Throughout RONNIE you will find fabulous comments and/or endorsements from ICONS of their profession. I gladly compare this book to any book relative to the quality and quantity of endorsements. You will truly enjoy reading what others have to say about RONNIE. These endorsers have already made a major impact on thousands of our readers and their words will continue ringing true to help us spread our story to hundreds of thousands of students and citizens in communities of every state.

     The need for this program is NOW. Each day delayed, is a day that we lose the opportunity to make a positive influence in the life of many. Due to the ever expanding necessity to educate young people about the pains and sufferings caused by alcohol, our program will not end, but continue indefinitely.
      I am most certainly convinced when a program is a win, win, win situation for all concerned it should be pursued with haste, ours is this type, including a fourth intent. First and foremost, we are making a difference in the lives of young people; second, we offer a sound financial opportunity to assist college students with their education, third, through our success we are awarding scholarships to those in need, and fourth, we guarantee that every person who actively participates in this program will forever be reminded of the satisfaction received from their actions of reaching out and touching the life of many young people.
     We will rapidly expand our program and increase our success as we associate with individuals who have a positive attitude, those who share our interest and the intent of our objective. I trust that you will approve of our goal and accept our challenge to become an exclusive representative.

     As a Representative, you will become extremely successful and earn significant part-time income rather quickly, however, your true success will be measured by the positive impression and influence that you bring to young people and your success will comfort thousands throughout their entire life!


Our Fabulous Endorsements
Kind words of Encouragement

     I am extremely proud of our many endorsements. With the publication of each new edition of RONNIE we use alternate comments by those who have lent their words for our success.

     You will be honorably delighted to call to the attention of your potential sponsors the words of these ICONS.

     There is not another book in print that has earned the quality endorsements as has that RONNIE. The support we?ve received from U. S. Presidents and other highly influential individuals who understand the problem associated with the atrocious dilemma of alcohol abuse will astonish you. Scattered throughout RONNIE you will find extraordinary comments from presidents, governors, senators, congressmen, ministers, educators, school associations, coaches and many others.

     However, the most impressive endorsement I?ve received is from a student after a school assembly in Marianna, Florida. The gym was packed. The principal scheduled me to speak on Friday, the day before Spring Break, for obvious reasons. A young student came up after the assembly and said, ?Mr. Williams, I was going drinking this weekend with my friends to celebrate Spring Break but I?m not going to go now?. I congratulated her on her decision then asked how old she was. She said, ?14?. This was a middle school student, an 8th grader. We truly have a lot of work to do!

     For me personally, from the moment that young girl spoke those words I was assured that I had written a book, developed a program, gave a speech and successfully touched one of the students that I was destined to make a difference in their life. I knew for certain this was the first of many young people that our program was going to reach. At that moment, in the middle of the gym floor, I was assured there would be no turning back! So, as we continue to play a positive role and have a sober, encouraging influence in the life of young people, we are expanding our outreach in search of countless thousands of more young people just like this young girl.

     While the young eighth grader was the first, now I need your assistance so we together can move forward and spread this ultra important message to thousands upon thousands of other young men and women across your community, your state and around this magnificent country.

Endorsements and/or Comments

When talking with a potential sponsor be sure to make known our endorsements that have been posted throughout the book. All are extraordinary! The following are those published in the current edition of RONNIE.


Governor Jeb Bush, Florida
Congressman Tom Osborne, Former Coach, Nebraska
Foreword by Bobby Bowden ? Coach, Florida State


Chapter 1 No space available
Chapter 2 Coach Bill Snyder, Kansas State
Chapter 3 Coach Tyrone Willingham, University of Notre Dame
Chapter 4 Coach Tommy Bowden, Clemson University
Chapter 5 No space available
Chapter 6 Tom Gallagher ? Florida Chief Financial Officer
Chapter 7 No space available
Chapter 8 Charlie Crist, Florida Attorney General
Chapter 9 Coach Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech
Chapter 10 Lee Corso, ESPN Sports
Chapter 11 Senator Trent Lott, MS U.S. Senator
Chapter 12 Coach Tommy Tuberville, Auburn University
Chapter 13 David Stewart, WV State Superintendent of Schools
Chapter 14 Butch Davis, Coach
Chapter 15 Eighth grade student, Marianna, FL
Chapter 16 Governor Mike Foster, Louisiana
Chapter 17 No space available
Chapter 18 Dr. Janice Petersen, Governors Office, NC
Chapter 19 Coach Phillip Fulmer, U of Tennessee
Chapter 20 LaVell Edwards, Former Coach, BYU.
Chapter 21 President Bill Clinton
Chapter 22 Football student/athlete ? Tate HS, Cantonment, FL
Chapter 23 J. Dennis Hastert, Speaker U. S. House
Chapter 24 Governor Bob Riley, Alabama
Chapter 25 Coach Mark Richt, University of Georgia
Chapter 26 Governor Roy Barnes, Georgia


President Gerald R. Ford
Coach Lou Holtz
Coach Randy Walker, Northwestern University


Our Goal and Objective

    As previously stated, our single purpose is to help educate every youth, teenager and young adult about the horrors of underage drinking and alcohol abuse. So that we may be extremely successful with our purpose, I designed the program as the blueprint that will take us where we will do the most good for the greatest number of young people.

     I wrote the program based on a set of values that we must take into every community. We must reach every middle school, high school and college student so they will personally understand our mission. I have an ingrained, deep-rooted passion to make a difference in the life style of young people and we must not fail because our goal is crucially important.


Ronnie?s Purpose in Life

     While taking time off and relaxing around home after a prostate procedure, my daughter Ashley brought me a copy of ?THE PRAYER OF JABEZ?. The book so fascinated me that I read it methodically three or four times. I knew for certain that I, like Jabez, wanted God to bless my life and increase my territory so that I may spread Ronnie?s story far and wide to all who would listen.

     A week or so later, a friend gave me a copy of ?THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE?. This magnificent book also had an immediate impact on me. There is no question that we are put on earth for a specific purpose and it?s up to each of us to find that purpose and fulfill our obligation to the Almighty.

     Upon recovery, my future was set in concrete; I had to tell my brother?s story and I knew that no one could tell it better than someone who had been as close to becoming an alcoholic as I had. Perhaps, I even had my nose over the line but I was able to reclaim my freedom and I?m certainly convinced that which does not kill you, makes you twice as strong.

     We lost our Father four years prior to Ronnie?s tragic death and our Mother a year after Ronnie. Mom was despondent and hopelessly downcast from thinking that Ronnie?s life had little meaning. She prayed for a means that would personalize his death in a manner that would help other young people fully understand the dangers and pit-falls of alcohol.

     My Mother?s prayers and dreams keep me going. As THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE teaches, we are all put on earth for a specific purpose. I believe that Ronnie?s purpose - was not his life at all, his purpose was his death and the manner in which he died. His tragedy, i.e. his purpose, enables me to write his story which is the catalyst that gives meaning to our program as we push even harder in quest of changing the life style of thousands of youth, teenagers and young adults.

     We will do everything possible to prevent others from falling into the pathetic, miserable depression of alcohol abuse that consumed most of Ronnie?s every waking hour and then tragically stole his life. With your help, our program will quickly become Ronnie?s greatest accomplishment and through this achievement we?ll make a positive change in the life of thousands of the most precious people on earth, our kids.

     Throughout RONNIE you will find an abundance of comments and endorsements, and for sure, I cherish each one, but I am especially fond of the following letter that I received from
Rev. Rick Warren, author of ?THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE?.


I Had to Make a Difference

     Several years had passed since Ronnie?s sad and lonely death but with the dawn of every day I became more obsessed with the cause and circumstances of his demise, but even more so, about how to use his demise as a positive factor in preventing others from falling into the same pathetic, miserable trap that took his life.

     As difficult as I knew it would be, I had to write his story because I knew just how miserable he was and I knew about the daily firestorms that besieged this former football star. I watched him deteriorate from a fine tuned athlete into someone who literally gave up on life, lost all self-worth, self-esteem, self-control, his family, his identify and then his tormented life to ALCOHOL, the demon that ultimately consumed him.

     Although I had completed the manuscript of RONNIE, I knew the task would not be finished until I developed a program that would give me the opportunity to take his true story to every young person in America through the book and/or in person. Often times I have a tendency to direct my message toward student-athletes simply because they are frequently looked up to, emulated so to speak, by many students. However, make no mistake about it, this message is meant for every youth, every teenager, every young adult as well as their parents and grandparents.

     Ronnie?s story is of a person who forfeited his life to ALCOHOL that began with casual, social drinking in high school. After all the glory days of college football were no more, the curse left him an empty shell of a man who was convinced there remained no real purpose for his life.

     In my humble opinion, I have written a book that will be of interest to a vast audience, as noted by our many endorsers. I guarantee that it will touch your deepest emotions. I am convinced that we can change the life style of thousands of our young people, but to do this I need the support of many.

     Personally, I have no choice but to spread this message to every corner of America. It is my intent to make Ronnie?s story and our program a national movement in scope, but again, I truly need the help of all interested parties for this to become a reality.

     Let me put it to you this way: If through this book and/or our live presentation, we can play a significant role in the life of just one young person and be the incentive and inspiration that prevents him or her from falling into the same wretched quagmire as did RONNIE, then it will be something that every person in your community will never, ever forget.

     It is most important that everyone understands my desire is to be exceptionally effective with each facet of this program. When someone has lived with a story as I have Ronnie?s, it?s difficult for me to even consider the remotest possibility of not presenting our case effectively. Yet, I am acutely aware that I must convey my insight, feelings and opinions to our young people, their parents, grandparents and friends in a manner whereby they will grasp the full impact of ?A Message from Ronnie?.

     As we establish our presence around the country I want to bring our live presentation to as many communities as possible and by the time we leave, I can assure you that everyone will know we?ve been there. I will spend as much time as my schedule permits, meeting with all media that wants to learn about our goal and purpose and be available to visit with talk radio personnel, newspapers and television news and/or sports shows that offer an invitation.

     While visiting your community I would like to address a civic club and speak at a church and/or a school. My goal is to make sure that everyone in your area knows of the plight that ultimately claimed Ronnie?s life!


Newspaper Articles




You will be as successful
As you want to be

I have spoken with thousands of people concerning the issue of underage drinking and alcohol abuse and without exception; everyone has expressed their absolutely support and personal belief in the message that we advocate through RONNIE and A Message from Ronnie.

Not long ago in my home area I met with the president of a credit union and asked him to sponsor a case of books for a local high school. He inquired how many books were in a case and when I said twenty-four and he countered with ?I?ll take six cases?. He donated them to each member of the football, basketball and baseball teams and one to each coach. In the Greater Pensacola area, in a relative short time frame, I signed up sponsors for more than 150 cases and my success rate per each call is between ninety and ninety-five percent. Believe me, ours is a program that everyone can and will graciously support.

Rather than help earn profits for stockholders of giant book stores, I have chosen to share a healthy percent of our profits with those who join our effort because our program and message is all about assisting young people, For students who share our interest, goal, purpose and objective, our financial royalties will greatly assist them with their college expenses, but more important, they will play a major role in making a difference in the lives of many young people.

It has been asked if our program would be a better fit for students who have chosen marketing as their major. My stock answer is: the very best fit will be students who truly believe in the purpose of our goal and what we will accomplish, no matter their major!

You do not sell books door to door!

Let me make certain that you understand right upfront, please do not confuse this program with the old, worn out, antiquated, door to door book selling ventures that you may have been familiar with in the past. This is not what we are about.

We are, however, a program that uses RONNIE?S story to spread his message to as many youth, teenagers and young people as we can reach, therefore, the book, obviously, is the basis and means of finding success of reaching our goal and making a difference. I promise that you will like what we are doing.

I?ve designed our ONE-ON-ONE INITIATIVE around opening doors for you in an unbelievable fashion. You can rest assured, if you have an outgoing personality and if you absolutely believe in the purpose of our message, you and the program will be a tremendous success across your community.

YOU will make a Difference
By involvingYOUR Community

Because our program does make a tremendous difference in the life of our young people, it?s a program that every business and professional person in your community will support if you will explain to them in detail our goal and purpose.

How much of your time will be required? I developed the program so that you can set your own work schedule and decide just how many sponsors that you would like to enlist. Based on my own personal experience you can just about count on acquiring a sponsor for each dedicated hour of work. We have the product and the sponsors are certainly willing, provided the program is presented to them in a clear and concise fashion.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you are committed to being successful, both you and the program will be. It maters not what number of sponsors you set for yourself, you will accomplish that goal and more, and by so doing, you will also play a major role in the life style of countless numbers of young people.

You are not permitted to sell over the phone, by e-mail or internet. You have to meet ONE-ON-ONE with each potential sponsor. Obviously, you can call to make an appointment; however, the great majority of sponsors that I have enlisted came from cold-turkey calling and asking for a few minutes of the owners (or presidents) time. And as noted, my success rate has been between ninety and ninety-five percent.

You need to sit down face to face and detail the program in its entirety. You have to take your copy of RONNIE so he/she can see exactly what you are talking about. The book is an awesome prop and your prospect will most certainly know those who have chosen to lend their words as endorsements. Since you are working to accomplish such a magnificent motive, coupled with being a full time student or a parent who sincerely cares about young people, this gives you an open door access.

I promise you, those you meet with will understand what our goal and purpose is all about and will gladly get involved, remember they have children and grandchildren also! They are fully aware of the dilemma that our young people face every day of their life. They have seen and read about the horrors of binge drinking and other wretched situations that control the daily life of countless numbers of our young.

For absolute certain, you will want to ask every sponsor that you enroll to pick up the phone and call two or three friends and ask them to give you a few minutes of their time. This is the very best means of making in-roads quickly and this format must be pursued without exception!

Don?t Overlook These

Unless you reside in an extremely small community, I can assure you there are more than one hundred businesses and professional men and women who will support our program if you detail to them our goal and purpose.
When calling on potential sponsors here are a few categories that you must not overlook:

General Contractors

All Elected Officials including, but not limited to?
County Commissioners
City Councilmen and women
Superintendent of Education
City Managers

Utility Companies
Electrical Power

Insurance companies

Health care facilities
Walk-in Clinics

Auto dealers
Boat dealers
Auto maintenance companies

Hundreds of Professional Men & Women
Parent Teacher Associations

School Principals

Our Ambassadors

Our sponsors are, in every respect, our Ambassadors. They are the backbone of our success. We depend on them and this you must express to each potential sponsor.

For instance, when one hundred cases of RONNIE are sponsored in your community this generates 2,400 copies of the book that we distribute to 2,400 families with students. This begins to move our message across your community.

The books belong to the sponsors
to do with as they wish.

Some books will be given to students and schools of your community. Other books will be sent across country to family members and acquaintances and this is exactly what we want because it helps us spread our message far and wide.

We estimate that every book will be read by three or four families each year and with a twenty year shelf life or greater; each book will touch hundreds of young people. And from comments we?ve received, we know for sure that RONNIE enjoys a tremendous and appreciative adult readership.

Because of the purpose and intent of this program, you will not find anyone who disagrees with what we advocate, therefore, a commanding percent of those who are asked will quickly take you up on your offer and enroll as a sponsor.

It is important that you explain that you are not asking for a donation, but asking sponsors to purchase books at the same price they would pay at their local bookstore. As noted previously, we make a much better and for sure a more important use of the profits than would stockholders of giant book stores.

When considering a list of recipients for complementary books we suggest and hope that sponsors will lean toward giving them to family members, friends, patients, clients or customers who have children in middle school, high school or college.

And don?t forget, RONNIE makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

A Special, Dedicated Page for
Our Sponsors

Every sponsor will be making a dramatic and positive difference in the life of many young people throughout their community.

To show our appreciation and continuing thanks, we provide at the front of each book a dedicated page where our sponsors may place a notation identifying him/her as the donor. This can be a stick-on label, rubber stamp or a hand-written personal note.

We?ve found that books are used most effectively when doctors give them to their patients, businesses to their customers, attorneys to their clients, etc. A copy of RONNIE is an extremely effective marketing tool for every sponsor.

Each book will float around your community for years and years and with each reading the sponsor will receive phone calls expressing appreciation.

Sponsors Cost Per Case

Our marketing goal is for each sponsor to purchase a full case of books (and don?t be surprised if some choose to sponsor more than one case). However, a few may elect to sponsor less than a case, and this, too, is very much appreciated.

The cost per case (24 books) is $575
(No shipping and handling cost)

All orders of less than a full case incurs S&H charges as follows:
Half-case (12 books) is $295
Quarter-case (6 books) is $149.
Single copies are $26.90.

Getting Started

As soon as you are notified that you have been assigned an exclusive territory, the time to start calling on potential sponsors is at hand.

Please understand, and I want to emphatically stress, even though your royalty earnings are very good, they are secondary to our cause. So I urge you not to lose sight of our primary purpose which is to make a difference in the lives of our young people.

You are not required to purchase inventory. You simply enlist sponsors and pick up their check made payable to BADM BOOKS.

You then download and complete an order form and send it along with the sponsors check to BADM BOOKS, address provided below.

We will return your royalty commission within five days of receiving each sponsors check and order form.

We ship books direct to the sponsor within a week.

A Bare Minimum

Herein I have gone to great lengths to make sure everyone absolutely understands my desire to take this program into every community across America.

However, what we must prevent from happening is someone who has been assigned an exclusive territory not performing to an acceptable level. Should this happen, we will have wasted precious time that we cannot recapture. Therefore, we have established a bare minimum number of sponsors to be enrolled by each Representative in order for them to retain their exclusive arrangement within the territory assigned.

This bare minimum is only one case of books per week. By meeting this minimum you retain your exclusive territory for as long as the minimum is met. Should you fall below the minimum, after a two week audition period, we will notify you that you are in jeopardy of losing your territory and that it may be assigned to a new Representative.

Your success will bring a tremendous service to the youth, teenagers and young adults of your community and with this success you will benefit financially. Best of all, you can be very successful by dedicating only a couple of hours per day. This program has been fine tuned, well designed and a very positive approach towards making a difference and we will be extremely successful because of dedicated people who join us in making a difference.

We have much to do and your initial progress may be slow but, together, we must begin this journey and take our message to as many young people as we can reach in your community. If we have the opportunity to come to your community in person then Our Live Presentation is a perfect opportunity to say thanks to your sponsors. You can invite each of them along with community and civic leaders to join with us for the occasion. After the assembly I will autograph copies of RONNIE and chat with anyone who has questions.

Please invite your friends and relatives and others

We will have a much better opportunity to make a gigantic impact this year if you will encourage your friends, neighbors, relatives and others to join with us. So please make a concerted effort to contact them no matter where they live throughout the width and breadth of our great country and ask them to join hands with us.

Please ask them to visit this website, and don?t forget to have them click on the jacket cover of RONNIE, where they can learn the goal, purpose and objective of this important initiative. With your personal contacts you will help us immensely in moving forward.

During 2006 if we expand into 500 communities and if each of our Representatives enlists sponsors for only sixty cases of books during the year, we will distribute 1,440,000 copies of RONNIE and this will impact every family member in that many homes.

Furthermore, by reaching this target, BADM BOOKS will fund approximately $2.5 million in scholarships that will be awarded to 1,000 students within the communities that have accepted our challenge to make a difference.

Although we have established an ambitions agenda for our first year, with your personal help this goal can be reached and perhaps exceeded.

Our Scholarship Awards

     All but the smallest of communities will have sufficient population of concerned citizens, businesses and professional people who will support our program through the sponsorship of one-hundred or more cases of books.

     In addition to advocating a strong message and presenting an exceptional, progressive program, BADM BOOKS will fund one $5,000 scholarship per each sixty cases of “RONNIE” that is sponsored each year and these scholarship(s) will be awarded to student(s) within the communities of the sponsors.

     Our Representative will arrange for a local committee to be appointed and the committee will recommend those to be considered as recipients of each scholarship.

Everything Begins With You

To accept our challenge of applying for a part-time Representative position all that is necessary is to take the following steps:

1. Go to our Downloads and complete the Employment Application - please answer all items.

2. E-mail this form to Kakwil@hotmail.com

3. Should you not have computer access then you can mail the application to the address below, however, this process will take much longer to complete.

Post Office Box 9728 Pensacola, FL., 32513

NOTE ? Please understand: By completing the Employment Application Form this does not guarantee that you are automatically accepted as a Representative. We will review your application and make a determination based on your qualifications and the availability of the territory, i.e., the community, which you have requested. Since this program is young there is a very good possibility the community you requested will be available, however, you need to promptly make application because from all indications these positions are going to fill rather quickly.

After reviewing your application, and provided you are accepted, we will notify you to send your check for one copy of RONNIE. Your cost is $26.90 which includes S&H. Please send your check (or money order) to the address below made payable to BADM BOOKS. Please do not send cash money.

If you prefer to hasten the process, then feel free to send your check today for a copy of RONNIE the day you e-mail your application. Since you are submitting an application as a Representative you have already decided that you favor and support our program so a copy is a must for your personal library.

Checks are made payable to BADM BOOKS
And mailed to P. O. Box 9728
Pensacola, Florida 32513

With these steps completed you are on your way to earning very good Royalties but more important, you are going to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of many young people.

A short Resume? of
Bill Williams

The following is a short resume? that will tell you a few things about me. This may be used as introduction material for speaking engagements.

  • A true FLORIDA NATIVE, (there are only about 300 of us left!), born in Leesburg and raised in Pensacola.
  • Served in the U. S. Army. Owned and operated four businesses around Pensacola.
  • Served on the staff and/or administration of three Florida Governors and as Director of Legislative Affairs for the Florida Insurance Commissioner.
  • Chaired a multitude of political campaigns and lobbied in Tallahassee and Washington.
  • Served on Board of Directors of Pensacola Jaycee's and Florida Road Builders Association. Chairman of Northwest Florida Regional Planning Council and on the Board for Northwest Florida Water Management District, Santa Rosa Island Authority and the selection committee for the appointment of young men and women to the United States Military Academies.
  • Own two U.S. patents and have three others pending.
  • Wrote, designed and presented to the Florida Department of Transportation, the Federal Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration a program that privatizes Interstate I-10 from Jacksonville, FL to the Mississippi State line.
  • In May of 1997 I founded a company entitled PEOPLE'S COALITION FOR JUSTICE. The goal and intent is to shorten the longevity of death row inmates. We do not believe an inmate should remain on death row 18-20 years or more after being given the death penalty by a jury of his/her peers.
  • I have written four books, TIT FOR TAT, ACIREMA (Pronounced) ?A-Sa-Re?ma?, RONNIE and WORM

?and of this and that?:


  • I ? Witnessed an execution in Florida's famous "Ole Sparky"
  • Went on Florida?s death row to interview Ted Bundy
  • Been invited twice to the White House for Dinner
  • As a teenager had a date with recording star Brenda Lee, who at the time, had a top ten record on the charts
  • Have three personal friends who became Governor of Florida and two more who almost did
  • Own the most valuable musical instrument in the world ? Elvis Presley?s very first guitar
  • Have visited in 38 states within the past 30 months promoting my books and discussing our program.


Ours is a proven, well developed, very do-able concept. We have the product, we have the program and we have a message that few will rebuke and for those who do, it?s their loss. I can assure you that you will be proud of your association with our ?One-On-One? Initiative.

The necessity of our message is never ending; therefore, the need for RONNIE and A Message from Ronnie is perpetual. Our goal, the youth of our nation, is a segment of our population that annually increases, therefore, the necessity for this program, sadly to say, will forever be essential.

I sincerely hope that you will joint with us and accept the challenge to bring our program into your community. With your success, local citizens will express the goodwill that you?ve fostered and will continue to talk about what we are accomplishing for years into the future and this is exactly what we want! Be assured that your community will be most appreciative of your efforts.

Bill Williams
Post Office Box 9728
Pensacola, Florida 32513

After you are signed on as a Representative I will offer a phone contact for future use. If you would like to speak with my publisher, Lance Coalson, he can be reached Monday through Friday during normal office hours, toll free (800) 741-2712.

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