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Ronnie?s Purpose in Life

     While taking time off and relaxing around home after a prostate procedure, my daughter Ashley brought me a copy of ?THE PRAYER OF JABEZ?. The book so fascinated me that I read it methodically three or four times. I knew for certain that I, like Jabez, wanted God to bless my life and increase my territory so that I may spread Ronnie?s story far and wide to all who would listen.

     A week or so later, a friend gave me a copy of ?THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE?. This magnificent book also had an immediate impact on me. There is no question that we are put on earth for a specific purpose and it?s up to each of us to find that purpose and fulfill our obligation to the Almighty.

     Upon recovery, my future was set in concrete; I had to tell my brother?s story and I knew that no one could tell it better than someone who had been as close to becoming an alcoholic as I had. Perhaps, I even had my nose over the line but I was able to reclaim my freedom and I?m certainly convinced that which does not kill you, makes you twice as strong.

     We lost our Father four years prior to Ronnie?s tragic death and our Mother a year after Ronnie. Mom was despondent and hopelessly downcast from thinking that Ronnie?s life had little meaning. She prayed for a means that would personalize his death in a manner that would help other young people fully understand the dangers and pit-falls of alcohol.

     My Mother?s prayers and dreams keep me going. As THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE teaches, we are all put on earth for a specific purpose. I believe that Ronnie?s purpose - was not his life at all, his purpose was his death and the manner in which he died. His tragedy, i.e. his purpose, enables me to write his story which is the catalyst that gives meaning to our program as we push even harder in quest of changing the life style of thousands of youth, teenagers and young adults.

     We will do everything possible to prevent others from falling into the pathetic, miserable depression of alcohol abuse that consumed most of Ronnie?s every waking hour and then tragically stole his life. With your help, our program will quickly become Ronnie?s greatest accomplishment and through this achievement we?ll make a positive change in the life of thousands of the most precious people on earth, our kids.

     Throughout RONNIE you will find an abundance of comments and endorsements, and for sure, I cherish each one, but I am especially fond of the following letter that I received from
Rev. Rick Warren, author of ?THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE?.

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