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I have spoken with thousands of people concerning the issue of underage drinking and alcohol abuse and without exception; everyone has expressed their absolutely support and personal belief in the message that we advocate through RONNIE and A Message from Ronnie.

Not long ago in my home area I met with the president of a credit union and asked him to sponsor a case of books for a local high school. He inquired how many books were in a case and when I said twenty-four and he countered with ?I?ll take six cases?. He donated them to each member of the football, basketball and baseball teams and one to each coach. In the Greater Pensacola area, in a relative short time frame, I signed up sponsors for more than 150 cases and my success rate per each call is between ninety and ninety-five percent. Believe me, ours is a program that everyone can and will graciously support.

Rather than help earn profits for stockholders of giant book stores, I have chosen to share a healthy percent of our profits with those who join our effort because our program and message is all about assisting young people, For students who share our interest, goal, purpose and objective, our financial royalties will greatly assist them with their college expenses, but more important, they will play a major role in making a difference in the lives of many young people.

It has been asked if our program would be a better fit for students who have chosen marketing as their major. My stock answer is: the very best fit will be students who truly believe in the purpose of our goal and what we will accomplish, no matter their major!

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