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Featured Books This Month

  A Feather For My Wing: A Life Lost, A Life Regained

Author : Marilyn Carpenter
Category : Other
ISBN :0-942407-40-7
Price : $ 13.95
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  A Taste of Georgia

Author : Newnan Jr Service League
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-9611002-0-6
Price : $ 19.95
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  Accordion Man: The Legendary Dick Contino

Author : Bob Bove
Category : Other
ISBN :0-942497-29-6
Price : $ 14.95
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  All My Best Recipes

Author : Cindy Freeman Black
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-942407-27-X
Price : $ 9.95
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  Chipola Moon Rising: A Landscape in Narrative

Author : Jesse Earle Bowden
Category : Other
ISBN :978-0-942407-91-4
Price : $ 23.95
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  Cooking In High Cotton Description

Author :
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 978-0-942407-96-9
Price : $ 19.95
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  Hide & Sex: A Social Worker’s Journey Through Sordid Cases, Heartbreak and Love

Author : Betsy Bishop Thomas
Category : Other
ISBN :9780942407938
Price : $ 21.95
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  The Award-Winning Dottie Rambo Cookbook

Author : Dottie Rambo
Editor : Mrs. George (Lisa) Wallace and Javetta Saunders
Category : Cookbooks
ISBN : 0-942407-70-9
Price : $ 24.95
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  This Little Grace of Mine

Author : Chris Loux Henning and Connie Loux Murray
Category : Children, biography
ISBN :978-0-942407-92-1
Price : $ 9.95
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Title of the Month
Ray Stevens' Nashville
Ray Stevens’ Nashville is the story of a Nashville legend who has seen many changes during the last fifty plus years. Ray takes us along on his American Dream journey from the little mill town of Clarksdale, Georgia, where he was born, through his school days in south Georgia, to his early recording experience with friends like Jerry Reed and Joe South in Atlanta under the tutelage of Bill Lowery. Then, on to Nashville– Music City USA–where he established himself as not only a world famous recording artist but, as one Nashville star recently said, as “The most talented man on Music Row.”

Author : By Ray Stevens with C.W. "Buddy" Kalb
Category : Inspirational Books
ISBN : 9781935802228
Price : $ 19.95

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